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short update
More pigging out - i think? I feel stuffed maybe i'm still eating to fast or the candida that flared up after the juice F'ast is causing this bunged up feeling. I've uped my probiotics, and i'm thinking of trying Soil based organisms (which is a fascinating subject). Until the juice thing i hadn't had a problem with candida for a really long time, i've really upset my body drinking so much fruit juice.

The raw breakfast went down well and i felt satisfied but light for a long time. I'll have to jig the recipe slightly tomorrow to intensify the flavour but the texture was great. The raw pancake was much lighter than expected, it looked much denser than it tasted.

I'm still interested in being a nutritionist/raw food coach/teacher so I'm working on giving that vision substance. To that end my short term goal is to try as many Raw breakfasts as  i can. If i have time I'll try and share this culinary adventure.

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How do you make a raw pancake?

Interested in hearing about your raw breakfast adventures! xxx

I'll post the recipe ASAP

If you were going to recommend an easy start to a raw food diet, what would you suggest for meals?

It really depends on where you are with your diet at the mo, and where you want to get to eg 30% raw, 80%, 100%?. Also a really important question to answer is why you want to go raw!!??! The answer to this will keep you balanced and motivated.

As a rule of thumb i have found it useful to work on substituting and experimenting a bit at a time. So you might want to work up to one green salad a day, and/or one smoothie meal a day. Then swap 1 breakfast per week and so on.

I have also found it useful to have a new recipe day. So once a week i try to plan and make something new that is a bit out of my comfort zone.

The last thing i worked on was snack recipes. This is now the one i make all the time; http://gliving.com/raw-energy-bar-recipe-with-brendan-brazier/
but with orange peal instead of the lemon. Before that it was salads and dressings. Now I'm trying different breakfasts.

I hope that helps. :)

If i have time I'll try and share this culinary adventure.


Have a beautiful Litha!


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