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(no subject)
I slipped up and ate 5, yes, apple fritters with maple syrup. The saving grace of this was that they were made with spelt flour and not ordinary wheat. Still, not good. This morning, before i was fully awake, i was experiencing acid burn in my joints - balls! - I'd almost forgotten what that was like.

I'm desperate to get my hands on a Vita-mix blender.... and so i'm thinking of blowing the budget out of the water again. Feeling guilty just for considering it. The problem is that you really cant eat Raw creatively without some hefty investment.

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An investment in your health is a good investment.

Yeh i think your right, Ive now prioritized my health spending as the second thing in my budget - just after all survival expenses. It was really great to hear you say it though. Sometimes we need our friends to set us straight.

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