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I'm Awake
star card
It’s 7.30 and i’m awake! I don’t just mean that i’m up and about, my brain is actually functioning and my body too.
I do feel quite achey, like i’ve been exercising but not overly stiff.
Yesterday was quite exciting - It was my first fully Raw day. It was difficult. I don’t mean eating the raw food which is delicious, or even sticking to the diet. So why? Well two things really. I hadn’t intended to go Raw so soon. The plan was to ease into it, learning the new skills, and accustoming my tastebuds to the new flavours, but it seems my body has different ideas. My body now looks at most cooked food and screams, ‘poison, poison’!! Now i don’t know if this is a permanent state of affairs but i’ll just have to go with it.
Now the other thing that made yesterday a little difficult, is that Raw food prep is all so new to me. I look at the recipes and i have no frame of reference, will this recipe taste nice or not. My kitchen also looked like a bomb had hit it, I’m normally quite a tidy cook out of shear self preservation; I know i’ll have to tidy it all. That was sooo not the case yesterday. Making so many new meals, dealing with hunger pangs (I need to eat EVEN more) and trying to UNcook something my family would like, sent me into a bit of a frenzy. The results were well worth it though and i am feeling quite relieved. I had this strange notion that eating Raw would be blander, and I would be constantly craving something filling - And this is just not the case.
Even apart from the rather strange sensation of craving the Cos lettuce left on the counter (and taking a good chomp out of is sweetness) Yesterday’s Wow moment was feeding my Husband and Son (15) their first raw meal. Now I didn’t want to challenge them too much so i made Ani Phyo’s Sun Burgers, With tomato Katsup, Hot mustard, and ‘Better than sliced Bread’ Bread. I figured I would like it, my husband would manfully plow through it, and my son would take a bite or two and put it to one side. But nooo, they all devoured it. My husband and i felt mega full while my son who i gave the smallest portion to, was still hungry.

Sun burgers with Katsup are now my official thing to feed to doubters. They are even emotionally satisfying (which is something i was missing), fully flavoured, and just all round great. So all that slaving in the kitchen was well worth the effort.

Ps i’m still losing weight, despite or maybe because of, consuming a huge amount of plant oils