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oooo i like this one - maybe i'll forget to give it to Jon ;)

Bento Lunch 03-07-07

Filo parcels with leek and gorgonzola (pinch of nutmeg and cayene)
Potato salad with chives
Olives, cumber leaf shapes

Jelly with nectarine stars
Sliced Apple (drop of lime juice)
Fresh mango chunks

Cheddar Cheese Stars

Click to see bigger pics...packing the bento

Packing the bento

Good to go.

Bento Box

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Beautiful and artful all together in one gorgeous box! Fantastic.

The vegetable in the previous post is slightly scary!

Great speaking to you this morning.



It was a lovely chat. :)

That veg is meant to be a courgette - I'm wondering if i can stuff it - Maybe with something mushroomy.

you now have me addicted to searching for the bento boxes!!! hahaha...

Ahhh yes I understand your plight, It has to be exactly the right box ;)

If I’m still into this project next spring – I think I’ll plant some edible flowers for decoration.

This site had allot of boxes - unfortunately for me, they don't mail to the UK. I've got mine from ebay.


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