Look how pretty she is when she falls down ...

- Atreyu

now there's no beauty in bleeding mascara.
21 June
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The Girl
My name is Amber Brooke Lane. I'm in my 3rd year at Powell Valley High - junior. I've been in the world 16 years & i view it at 5 feet & 6 inches. I have brown, medium length hair, tan skin, and i have envy colored eyes. Im very spontaneous, and i can also be shy at times, you just have to get to know me to know the real Amber Brooke Lane.

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I'm taken♥

By Zachary Tyler Mullins.
October 3, 2004.
We're so much in love.

"From A to Z, they met somewhere in the middle; At L for love."

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zack . tasha . kacey . bitty . nick . ab . andy . justin . leanna . reagan . deanna . carmen . leigh . susan . alexa . kara . kelsey . jacob .. sorry if i left you out =\ i have a horrible memory, just lemme know ;)
In Loving Memory, Robert M. Patterson, Dad
March 1968 - January 2006
July 1988 - May 2005

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I do have a photobucket, 3 actually, johnny07 & eyesofgreen_ & abl07 , as you can tell by the link up there; but it's only visable with a password, if you want the password, just ask me, i might tell you :)

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Thanks ;)

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