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when you come home

i'll bake you a cake

Santiago Emmanuel Rosalanda
24 October
Are you who you say you are?
the fact that we cant tell makes us like you even more.
13 through 15, bake you acake, band-aids, big letters, blister packs, books, calm and relaxed, coats and jackets, collections of colonies, days off, drinking clean water, eyes of autumn, farther, fight fight, glass and breakable, growth, i couldnt care, i hate it, i'm so tired, im not here, incredulous, joy division, karate for chillin purposes, karate for killin purposes, knees and elbows, laugh now, minmae, my mother lady, nines and elevens, old failures, ones and twos, pictures postcards, pompadour, set in ways, sleeping in, sneezing, solemn scratch, taus, the books, the early morning, the late evening, the past passed, this isnt happening, threes and sevens, toast cards., toastcards, totally sweet, upset sorry, wesley borden, when i'm alone, wolf eyes, yeah sweet, you beautiful bastard, young liars