September 1st, 2006

House, ours, hose, horse, you make this seem easy.

If i were to die right now, if would be because i cashed in my life savings.

I'll explain.

at the beginning of existence God made time. And at the beginning of time god made structure to go along with time. God being love got lonely and made man. Man got bored and God made work. Work was more enjoyable and the wages were sleep.

"now you can use this sleep anytime you want, i give you things to do, you get them done, i pay you. what is there to want? i have given you everything with just a few tasks here and there?" Man thought this was a deal, a good one at that. man worked hard for his wages and accomplished a lot. Saved up a lot of earnings and never woke up.

tonight there wont be any sleep for me. I have done, what you are supposed to do. relax. i took a shower. i am listening to jazz. i am sitting in a very comfortable position. If i could clear my mind with out taking those pills.

Those pills act like snow plows and push everything to the side. Good or bad its to the side.

my body aches i am glad tomorrow is friday. Crap, i said i would work saturday. i just want some release. Music feels good all the time. A hand to hold might put me to sleep. Damn jenna for making me want someone else. i was fine before i knew.

i can hear the upstairs people having sex again. thats why pavement is being played so loud. the jazz must of set the mood for them. I wish they could have sex while i was working or maybe somewhere else.

if you are bored and want something interesting to think about. i keep having these tiny earth quakes in my left ear. i am not sure of the damage, i know its too early to know if anyone survived but i bet some did just to tell the story if anything.

shots from both sides, we have got the land but they have got the view.
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now i get out of my bed to go to work. my body is still in pain, yes it hurts.

i have that interview though,

i know i didnt sleep well but some one (a jerk, mind you) called as soon as i drifted.

there is a pitt in my stomach. maaybe a blue pitbull strapped with muscle. i would believe it, she wakes up every morning right when i am supposed to. have a nice day, world.