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when you come home -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]
Santiago Emmanuel Rosalanda

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the unfinished. [14 Aug 2006|12:08am]
I like to write pretty drones. thats def. where its at. nothing nearly as soothing to me. its dangerous though, you get stuck in a mental rut, i hope for your sake its not a negative one.

where are we?
i start the new book from the convention today.

i stopped listening to radiohead a long time ago (boring, not for me, for you maybe).

but i think my favourite radiohead song is fitter happier.

more productive. I am actually not at all worried about productivity. i am just worried about fitter, and happier. the new changes are on time. this summer is almost over, and this winter will not be an easy one.

i have an idea it will be so hard.
I dont want a record deal, and i dont want to go on tour. i dont even really want a large fan base. i just want to keep doing what i am doing and get better at it.

you can get used to machines. adapt. no one really reads this or cares one way or another.

i saw flo today. mom away from mom. i jerry today. he gave the public talk. i am dragging this on. wesley, time to read.
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