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when you come home -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]
Santiago Emmanuel Rosalanda

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The mono rail runs all through the night for any consumer at any hour(bankrupt on selling). [08 Aug 2006|10:47pm]
ive been the most busy bee ever, My brain hasnt stopped even though they got me on Brrain relaxers.

hell of a drug, slow down my mind and make things not so blurry. I just want to know why i have to swallow this yellow pills for that to happen. stupid.

THe devil was portrayed on your wrists, Grey-black smoke trailed him. Flared nostrils, more of that smoke surrounded your face.

why are you hiding from me?

Wesley Borden is recording music, he has written about a song every other day and soon will have enough for a full album. Maybe handpanther will put it out.

if anyone ever wanted to hear it they could. i would even mail it.

Its almost noise. Drone. Music that you can day dream to. It not completely melodyless, im human not made of metal and screws.

I moved again, bell town. 2132 5th ave.apt# 103.

i live like a gypsy man from place to place.. i dont have a bed anymore i have a cot. its comfy believe it or not. room for one, maybe two.

someone should come see this picture i drew and the secret letter i wrote on the type writter jenna bought me before she broke up with me.

Its ok i still love her but i loved her more when i used to be kinder and she was sober.

i dont know who i am kidding i cant compete with those boys.

Good thing i have got my scooter. better thing i have got my mother.
she didnt call today, that means she didnt worry.
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rhodes. [08 Aug 2006|11:24pm]
its strange to ask someone if they love the person that they are seeing,
its not like i am asking your credit card number, or social security.

those things dont matter.

why be with someone you dont love.

you do love some one. i love this song i wrote.

its called "your new reason"/
i am pretty freaking pumped to get my guitar back from zeek. i should sleep my eyes wont even blink.

circut bending.


put on the new personality.

how could you not believe someone is bigger than you? The 3rd planet is sure.
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