July 5th, 2006


my user icon is funny. its like 3 or 4 years old.

bauhaus entry number 7095.

Been a while since i been round here.

a little recap, i finished that program i was in. i am not looking for a new job. been working a lot, too much i think and i wonder if my boss ever feels bad for treating people the way he does. I asked for this weekend, (friday, through monday) off for the convention so he asks me to come in on saturday.

i knew it was going to happen so i told him i would not be able to. I am learning to be firm and not take any garbage.

what else lets see. jenne moved to seattle. she is liking i think.

and my scooter got backed over. i got a police report of this and i have to write the dude a letter and tell him to cough up the money for repairs or i have to take him to court. i will get it somehow, the cop said that about 200 motorcycles and scooters are backed over and hit and run A WEEK. this makes me so mad. i am doing my part in reducing green house gases and most people arent. you cant ever watch where your big huge impractical ass is going.

anyway, i started jogging, it clears my head. keeps me feeling young i think.

i am 21 in a few months. lets see, october is sooner than you think. it will be fall soon enough.

problem solved, got off work around 2.30, and read little in the draw close boook and thought about a lot of things..

When i was in the fourth grade through age 17 my mom would tell me i was worth many sparrows and i never understood it fully.

I think mainly because i thought i was the only thing that existed.

Well i get it now and i cant stop thinking about it. Andi want everyone to know that they are worth many sparrows. I have got a good mom.. i gotta study for the book study lesson. does anyone even read this thing?
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