May 16th, 2006

To see you eat in the middle of the night.

National Public Radio and Kexp is about the only thing i listen to. well. this mix i made is very fitting for now.

I'm a cuckoo- belle and sebastian
Friday im in love- the cure
Wouldnt it be nice- the beach boys
Letters And Drawings- Damien Jurado
the skin of my yellow country teeth- clap your hands say yeah
Dinner at Eight in the Suburbs- All Time Quarterback
In the Aeroplane Over the Sea-- Neutral Milk hotel
Waste time Segue- the fire theft
Track 2 from the latest elephants jam
Father And Son - Johnny Cash
If she wants me = Belle and sebastian
i only have eyes for you- Ella Fitzgerald
Offline P.K.- pinback
Maquiladora- Radiohead
Sugarcube - Yo la tengo
I love LA - subtle
Sunset Drama king- The appleseed cast

havent been to into music recently. the new scooter is pretty rad. I saw an old friend last night and it went better than i thought it would.

Yusef gets married in a few weeks. thats great news.

birds in my dreams walking with canes.

she reads to me out of fashion magazines that i wont buy or even pay attention to. Meanwhile my friend drinks till he feels heavy. he drinks more, loses it. Then he is gone.

he is lying there is the sunshine and before he dies he says how beautiful life can be and then he is gone.
Sometimes you have got to kill four or five thousand men before you get to believe that the sparrow is immortal money is piss and that you have been wasting your time.