April 29th, 2006

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albert is the absolute sweetests right now. so warm. so cuddly.

anyway. its late i woke suddenly( i think it was i didnt know where albert was) and now i am up. in a big way.

randy sent me some text messages about coachella, i wish i could go. albert wishes we wasnt so destructive so he could type on my laptop. we are listening to the summer mix i made and he looks as if he couldnt be happier. i hope thats it. i want albert to be a happy puppy.

tonight was the first night in a long time ( since i got a roommate) that i did nothing alone on a friday night. slept for a while. went to bauhas. then online coffee, looked at scooters, scootered around. missed my mom, listened to music.i thought about calling some people but then decided it wouldnt be a good idea.

albert is probsbly thinking i am crazy. well, i am.

i have an idea i want to get on paper (exray actually, i have been doing all my painting on exrays recently). i need some Light paper, like bible paper, but not actual bible paper. it needs to be in spanish.

anyone who has a picture receiving phone is no doubt sick of getting pictures of me and albert.
if i could cure either my depression or my anxiety. i would choose anxiety. depression i can handle, anxiety is like rubbing salt in your eye, but in your belly, through the biggest guitar amp ever.
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still up i hope i dont start doing this again.. new scooter next week, i think. if something else doesnt happen.

identity was stolen, what else could happen that i havent dealt with? i suppose i could lose my legs.