March 14th, 2006

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packing my things and using small boxes. packing is sad. everytime. to me it just means one other place that didnt work out.

in car accidents everybody wants to know who's fault it was. its never been my fault but happens when it is?

today and yesterday were truly bad days. The weather outside was really great, i was in good health. Anxiety builds inside like a ball of string. ball of barbed wire. and i am home now and the weather is great out.

one of my favourite things is the first week that you date a girl and you laugh and you play a lot. My very least favourite thing is when you date a girl and its been longer than that week and things are not funny anymore and nothing makes you laugh. Like the world suddenly is boring and nobody follows with anything. more like i'm boring and marks refuse to be met again.

well, i think it would be easier to just not.
That bill murray movie groundhogs day is great because he wakes up to the same day everyday. and some days are better than others. most though are in fact not as good as the first(s).

not enough albums are timeless. i wouldnt consider any of radioheads timeless anymore. i guess they nvr were.

keep it like a secret
high road
i can hear the heart beating as one
aha shake heartbreak
electric warrior
being there
sharpen your teeth

i dont know me, you dont know you.