February 9th, 2006

East Coast Razor Blade Grass.

If the sun dont shine the son wont shine.

Hello and good evening. I canoed down the Black River today. Saw an alligator, over exherted myself rowing, and got a little sun colouring.

um. like. whatever?

tomorrow i go to the beach. i thought i was going to surf. no, no i wont be surfing. Just relaxing.
man. It feels like northwest summer here right now. not doing much really fills the day.
best of all i the enjoy the company of myself.
traveling alone is really something.
In airports and on airplanes over Gods green earth the ground look like a tri-coloured checker board.
Wilco sounds really good. I needed to clear my head.
so misunderstood.
My 89 year old grandfather joins my vacation tomorrow. We'll sip mojitos and see what kind of trouble a combined 109 years of male borden existence we can get into. I predict letting it ride, dice in alleys, cuban cigars, cubans, a pretty lady with extensions.
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