December 13th, 2005

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i am taking a vow to not listen to music for the next month. i might not make it, and it may only last one day, but I just decided that i distract myself with music when i should be alone with thoughts.
i cant control the music played at work, but its awful pagan christmas music so it doesnt really count.

Your attempts and me asking you to stay are fruitless. Leave. i am not doing this anymore.
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    today is day one and next week i hope to still notbelistenin

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ladies to my right for makeouts, dudes to my left for high fives.

I have decided that i will not be going to mfdoom by myself. i will stay in and do something else. thank you.


update on not listening to music, its going really well righty not and by that i mean its going really crappy.