November 30th, 2005

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>1. Your full name- Wesley (skate)Borden Casswell

>2. Your age- 20. yes. 20.

>3. City, State- Seattle Moshington

>4. Favorite animal- panda bear, well, any little bear. koala even.

>5. Favorite car- CARSXAREXCOFFINS

>6. Favorite sport- ice hockey

>7. Favorite flower- flowers are for girls. i like dandylions.

>8. Where do you live?- in an apartment.

>9. What is your job?- well thats a good story.

>10. Where do you go to school?- streets. ok no where.

>11. Any pets?- yes. His name is jacup and he is a real jerk. All i know is, he ows me an apology.

>12. Drink? Smoke?- Drink, when i have to, smoke, never.

>13. Broken bones?- yeah. my knee bone, my arm bone, and a toe.

>14. Broken heart?- yeah right.

>15. Last funny thing you heard?- That "i was going to beat up izzy". Jerks. Dont get me wrong, i am a bruiser. I am just not interested in kicking ass. who am i? Eee-lie?

>16. Last movie you watched?- dude. c'mon.

>17. Last thing you ate?- chex mix. is has msg in it,

>18. Last person you hugged?- taus.

>19. Last person you kissed?- THAT BITCH JACUP NEEDS TO CALL ME BACK.

>20. Something you fear- its happening.

>21. Something you love- malt liquor.

>22. Something you hate- malt liquor.

>23. Something strange about you- umm. i have a bed thats really "nice" i choose to sleep on the floor, in a corner.

>24. Something weak about you- i may drop dead at any moment. i am currently not handling stress well.

>25. Something strong about you- reslove.

>26. Current music- Thelonious monk. my itunes is on party mode. it was my bloody valentine a minute ago. next beck, photo album and sigur ros.

>27. Current show- what?

>28. Current clothes- ugly puma shoes, black socks, long johns, boy jeans, pink polo, long jong shirt, blue zip up hoody. glasses, ipod headphones

>29. Current annoyance- dont get me started. drug reps. longview. seattle. Tacoma. Tacoma.

>30. Current friends- chet baker, justin and ty, The pawkays, the winter family minus five, house of casswell, frank sinatra seems to be everwhere i go,
i might explode someday soon.
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