November 20th, 2005

please see for me if she is wearing a coat so warm, to keep her from the howling winds.

what a interesting weekend.

friday night WT study. it took forever. i am trying to not get annoyed easily though. i failed. oh well, next time maybe i wont. Good article though, wish i didnt have to work today. I could of answered.
anyway, saturday morning early morning service with my brother. an emotionally straining day. worked 4-12am. it sucked. weird night. listened to wilco, and the newest eluvium cd. good stuff. today, jenna called and woke me up at 9 because i wanted to go to meeting for the first half. Due to my being up all night dealing with different issues i was wicked tired. My mom called me again at 11.30 Talked some sense into me. got to work, worked for a while. bought some satsumas. delicious. got off work about an hour ago. feels good to be out of there.

Man. well, anyway. applying at hospitals around the world. mainly tacoma through portland. the bob dylan hasnt stopped playing. i likeearly bob dylan because he didnt know how good he was.
i learned a few songs on my guitar that i will play for you. i wrote a few. and equal split. i want to go see spoon in portland next month.

Im ready for anything.

tomorrow will be a preview of whats to come. seattle would be better if i wasnt alone here.
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    like a rolling stone/bob dylan