November 14th, 2005

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current clothing : blue pumas, black socks, black underwear, black tacoma rockets shirt, white button down shirt with stripes, blue girl bike jeans, short hair, belt, glasses, ipod.
current mood : we might actually get through this
current taste : coffee via vavaci
current annoyance : my head hurts like pounding and my neck is strained from the post train walk.
current smell : steam and coffee
current thing you ought to be doing : anything but this.
current jewelry : glasses
current book : ibook.
current refreshment :soy vanilla latte.
current worry : new boys
current longing : scooter.
current music : desperate
current wish : come home.
current lyric in your head : start over
current makeup : grease, dirt and oil, stubble,
current undergarments : JOCKey
current desktop picture : Brian Thomas Allan
current plans for tonight/weekend : its monday. i am closing4-12 come buy the new madonna so i dont have to. PS. THE LIVE WILCO OWNS!
current cuss word du jour : damn.
current disappointment : we worked harder than this.
current amusement : appleseed cast.
current IM/person you're talking to : no man.
current love : jeff tweedy
current obsession : laces out.
current avoidance : everyone.
current thing or things on your wall : nothing. wait, picture of brian. my family.
current favorite movie : none.
current regret : seattle.
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