October 2nd, 2005

i got 99 problems but my music taste aint one.

I just ate some chili. only,because i am about to get sick and it gets ugly when im sick.

The new umbersleeping came out.

its awesome.. its a real proper release and if you live in the area surrounding seattle it should be in a indie record store new you.

rut. we're stuck in a rut.

thats what we can blame everything on. my rut is years and years old.
i am sick and i am dull and i am plain.

I just remembered a girl i went to elementary school with. her name isnt important but i have an image of her sliding on her head and then hitting the ground. leaving a scar on the ground and i thought she would hate me forever.

nels cline. the eternal sunshine soundtrack, the lost in translation soundtrack, my mourning jacket, the tower recordings, iron and wine/calexico split.

radiohead. lots and lots of radiohead and lambent material even though i think that matthew is an idiot.
man this thing is busting (at) the seams. everything is on the brink. i am reaady for the ground to crack open and swallow me and i will never be heard of again.
i'd love to sit around and chat.
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