September 29th, 2005

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i am trying really hard to make this better than last time.

it takes a day or two getting used to the grey. then once you are ready for the lack of colour for the longrun it really sets in and you make the best of it.

sigur ros was beautiful and completely satisfying.

i work tonight 4-12 and could someone please turn the damn ramones off.

tomorrow 12-8.30. i unpack my music crap and get situated. i miss my brothers brian and taus.

i hope rob(both the hatter and my brother in iraq) is safe. is he ever cold there?

(no subject)

my favourite songs right now.
1. gong -sigur ros- takk... least thats what you said/ hell is chrome- wilco- a ghost is born
3. randy explained enternity-built to spill- doesnt matter.
4 all is full of love- bjork- dont know dont care
5. wolf at the door- radiohead- hail to the thief
6. today is the day- yo la tengo- today is the day ep.
7. i know very well how i got my name- colin maloy sings morrissey-