September 27th, 2005

or maybe as sure as tomorrow will come.

yo dudes.


sugar rose is tomorrow. bringing three of my favourite things together. sugar, flowers and music.

in my face!

Umm, i close tonight. Everyday Music broadway. accross the strizzle from dicks. come and say hi and buy the new bonnie raite so i dont have to.
i eat well and i dont drink a drop anymore.
you would be happy if you saw. That feeling in my chests comes up here and there. this fall/winter will test me.
colin maloy sings morrissey is cool because he isnt morrissey. I hate morrissey.

oh my gosh i am joking i love morrissey like he was my own large jawed son.

I miss tacoma like i misss the metal toy tank i had as a child in the house with the big golden dog with my mom and brother.
the creek ran behind the house and froze in the winter. the ice was solid enough to walk on and my brother took me on expeditions.
that dog could climb trees, did i tell you? the dogs next door knocked me down and yelled in my face. i wore a green snow suite and my hair was as white as the grounds blanket. My mom transformed herself from mother of two to a superhero and beat two german shephards into the ground.

if you leave me here dont you waste me into the ground.
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