September 8th, 2005

the rising tide.

current clothing : american apparel undies.
current mood : relax.
current taste : iced tea
current annoyance : none that i want to remember
current smell : me. clean.
current thing you ought to be doing : nothing.
current jewelry : glasses
current book : all the names, Jose saramago
current refreshment : iced tea dood.
current worry : coming home.
current longing : nothing.
current music : rumah sakit "scott and jeremiah
current wish :sandwich would be nice.
current lyric in your head : i used to have to play the part.
current undergarments : AA
current desktop picture : a cloud thats on a ride at the seattle center.
current plans for tonight/weekend :it dont even matter mang.
current cuss word du jour : cutie patutie.
current disappointment : bummer.
current amusement : rumah sakit.
current IM/person you're talking to : i dont even have Efriends.
current love : rumah sakit and mum.
current obsession : scooters

current avoidance : home.
current thing or things on your wall :i am moving and i dont have anything up yet..
current favorite movie : psh.
current regret : dont get me started.