July 9th, 2005

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they are listening to bowie in the shop.

its pretty awesome.
more recently i havent been able to go a day without bowie.

I wonder if suggamomma remembers me dancing to it in her car. hmm.
girls or boys that move in packs and look the same are funny.


i hate music. i like eating. i am reading.

this world is so full of crashing bores.

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and americans are funny. in some places where houses dont exist people sleep on the dirty ground.

And in america where houses dont exist, they will.

maybe more than the ground can support. Eventually when the big one comes how long will they be able to preserve your pasty white skin so you can get time off work to see the memorial service.

mmmmm. . . nothing.

you'd make a good pincushion.
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    the bars are full of people you cant hate.