June 25th, 2005

june/july i went home to live with my mom.

spending time reflecting.
I am tired of the surroundings. Anyway, i hope tomorrow is pleasant enough for me to go for a walk. if anyone wants to come they are welcome.
What a joke. Im trying hard to go up instead of down. Im done with here.

I am done with this town. Seeing red, i will give it 6 more months. I will pack up and leave.

You cant forget anything if you stay where you are trying to forget.I just dont think it will work.

well anyway. i shouldnt be so on/off with those pills. I should pick a path a stick with it. i am tired of up and down.

the thing is, i mellow out, and then forget to take them. thats all.

Anyway, when i leave this town it will be better.

i always hate this town.
Elite. up and above. i dont know how i do it.
isnt she lovely.

and, i want to stress tomorrows walk. if you want to go, it will be nice.
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