June 21st, 2005

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man. i havent been feeling so great.

I guess im better than i was last year.

I drank like a fish and not many knew it.

Well, brizzle knew.

but still.

got some new books. more time alone should help me overcome anything. i will kick and punch.
its like you never knew.

What is everyones favourite part about right now?
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    bill bruford.

try as you try you still cant relate so you drink that whiskey down.

is this really what you want?
i think its important to take some steps back and look at where we are.

where are we?

its my idea that you have to try pretty hard to remain so stationary. Yes, i am afraid of the next step. I hate to undergo a mass bleeding, but it seems to me that this will happen every few months until i have become perfect.

this isnt getting any easier for anyone. Why do we keep acting like its only getting hard in one part of the world?

The american way. Sex, money, possesions, power food. how do you know when you've had enough.

the nation that surrounds us is filled to the brim, so it always seems like you arent.

In the since tht you can never be comfortable, America is a third world country.
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    the bars are full of people you cant hate.