May 6th, 2005

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current clothing : lets see. Black socks, gap pants, grey inside out shirt, black underwear, no bracelets, no shoes, blue motorscycle parka, brown belt, saddle buckle taus got me.
current mood :Jenna is being retarded and making me laugh.
current taste : water, elliott smith.
current hair : shorter, dirty, (are you in the army, no i just have short hair)
current annoyance: imperfection.
current smell: me. not so bad.
current thing you ought to be doing : working.
current jewelry: glasses?
current book: so many
current refreshment : water.
current worry - everything
current longing: it was so bad, yeah, and with you we dont fight.
current music hallelujah
current wish : i would fix.
current lyric in your head - your faith was strong but you needed proof,
current makeup : dirt and oil.
current undergarments : black and flesh tone.
current desktop picture : j. greenwood
current plans for tonight/weekend: relax. think..
current cuss word du jour :
current disappointment : this world is so full of crashing bores
current amusement : my new eight track.
current IM/person you're talking to : no one. some one call a nigga
current love : the curtains
current obsession : cuts and bruises
current avoidance workin.
current thing or things on your wall – at home? Nothin sweet yet. i just moved..
current favorite movie – bottle rocket or life aquatic.
current regret : too many.
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    sing me to sleep.

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i guess you move away and quit a band and suddenly you're getting married.

How about a little polling.
I think i will move, where do you think i should go?

Stay here.
New York.

where should i go? i have a pretty good idea.
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