March 16th, 2005

the world wont listen.

it was frightening for a moment because the sun beat the pacific northwest hard for an extended period of time.

i remember when you predicted what i would order. Can i tell you i have planned a million adventures for you and i? my closest friend attached through a cable. a keyboard and a screen. mondays come, i see you sometimes. a business person you are, a working type. I pass through and its the last thing my eyes and legs authorize. We, are exhausted. we, have only changed so much. But my bones are still weak and so is my body.

My skin stayed fair.

A steady diet of: green tea, black iced tea, tower recordings, Godspeed, photoalbum, yo la tengo, grails, and poodle kisses. A few pictures i tacked on a board, did i just get more sick?

the thing i miss the most about you is the humouring and the leading me to believe i was better than i was. Never again, only because i am as good as new now. a refurbished model with only a few spots where wear is shown.
healthy body sick mind and my body is hardly holding up under the pressure.
i made my mind up about you. Give me 6-8 weeks.

we're shooting through the roof.

lets just say your company will be appreciated, sm.
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