March 14th, 2005

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why does everybody freak out when pearl jam plays? its pearl jam. No one freaks out about van halen anymore. . . do they?

well, i am no longer on myspace due to the idea behind it. I think friendship should take something other than sweet graphics and video clips. the ones i need know it. even if i cant show it. you're too far from me.

My grandfather has cancer. Nothing this bad has ever happened.
i will major in music. thats the plan as of now. i might as well focus on something beautiful in my short stay. My mind is too scattered these days.

this may not be the final destination. there isnt one. But this is what i will do until the cows come home. And by the cows i mean anything that matters.
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    the photo album.

mother leaves in july, and when she feels bad i feel bad.

we all looked at dirt on our hands and said we felt accomplished.

the commander and cheif holds a gun to the heads of two brothers of mine. Dead or alive, they are brothers of mine.

You can tell the users when they get on. Bellies swollen with young junkies. neck sunk into jaw line. jaw line into cheek bone. cheek bone so out in the open you have to really search for it to recongize it.

What i wouldnt do to think of why you harvested your body. for dues? the money to make you forget the evil done. eyes roll back in head, fingers let go. this is not the atmosphere for a middle aged woman housing a future suicide..
everything is dirty.
i think i will try keeping them clean. and for one reason only.
There is always plenty to do in the work of the lord.
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