February 16th, 2005

You were born inside of a rain drop.

Ive learned to watch the sky as soon as it clears. I 'll stop everything and wait for the next cloud. And at night i wait to hear water impact with ground I never have trusted a clear complexion. A clear sky means potential trouble, and an overcast day means all is right in my world. The sun is no where to be found. Blister, burst, and peal. I've learned to lean on those rain drops. That reminder that God will never destroy the earth again. The thing in the sky that reminds me of unconditional love. take one step towards me and i will match you. I wont make you do all the work. Every colour imaginable, and no life threatening side effects. At some point in everyones life they yearn for some sort of validation.Verifacation . Proof that their existence is meaningful. You can always warm up. Another layer to hide behind. You can always warm up, but sometimes you can't ever cool off.
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    old soul song for the new world order