February 14th, 2005


goodbye sky harbor.

the message is brought to you by 102 degrees. I am sick. I have a fever. Work sucks.

Come to silent studios this friday. Me and peter play.

I didnt give up, who ever asked. I was shot down by an unofficial but im still going. I thought i told you i wouldnt give up? new room mates.

i will keep fighting this fever. or is this fever supposed to be fighting me?

im tired of weekends.

this weeks agenda.
monday. meeting. I may be a few degrees to hot for this, but im trying to get there.
tuesday. Nothing. its going to be nice.
wednesday. Meeting.
thursday. work. show.
friday. work. sleep. show with peter.
saturday. work.
sunday. work. meeting.
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    john mayer. hahahaha