January 24th, 2005

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i got a new phone, if you want the number i guess you can ask.

incredulous. Amazel. I think soon.

I would crush you if i didnt find you so beautiful. I would throw you away if you werent so useful.

we. are. straying. from. the. plot.

I need to eat something. Hip hop tracks and punk rock recordings.
PROUD FLESH ON THURSDAY, if you old enough to drink.

bug business = awesome.

ruby doe = mediocrity at its finest.

taas= the usge.

akimbo + three inches of blood. Show them your metal faces. +awesome. = metal pre monday (sunday).

3.2.1.Question. Why try? answers. This is not important.

I'll catch you guys later. i guess.
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these are all ido.

current clothing – black pants. black socks. black underwear. tan brittania shirt. red akimbo shirt under it. bracelets. glasses, black shoes.
current mood – working. pissed. full. but i havent had anything to eat in a while.
current taste – toungue.
current hair - hairy. dirty. getting long. carefree.
current annoyance – back pain.
current smell – orange tea.
current thing you ought to be doing – something with my life.
current jewelry – hair tie, pink thing,twine, yellow rubber thing my mom gave me,
current book – belljar.
current refreshment – water and some tea.
current worry - that this weekend will be too eventfull.
current longing – This is world is full of crashing bores.
current music – The new wire tapper
current wish – take it easy love nothing.
current lyric in your head - you're the yellow bird that ive been waiting for.
current makeup – genetic
current undergarments – black.
current desktop picture – had to be changed due to changing circumstances. so its a picture of harkonen.
current plans for tonight/weekend – i want to play guitar for the rest of the day, go to meeting, and then sleep.
current cuss word du jour – Gash.
current disappointment – myself.
current amusement – the wire tapper.
current IM/person you're talking to – whoever calls. im at work.
current love – black tee shirts.
current obsession – fingernails.
current avoidance – work.
current thing or things on your wall – at home? wolf eyes poster, outkast poster, karate, built tospill, dcfc, some renditions of myself, mini fridge, a picture of jack nicholson that peters little brother made, paint.
current favorite movie – bottle rocket
current regret – waking up.
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    wire tapper.