January 19th, 2005

you did a bad thing

Dear world.

work tonight. through monday. this sucks. but in like 2 weeks im going to be so loaded i will be. . . umm. doing lots of stuff that costs lots of money.

Im thinking a new guitar, baritone. mmmm. maybe a thin line (tele).

or i just might blow it all on drugs and never wake up again. ok, probably not.
there is too much caffeine in your bloodstream. and a lack of real spice in your life. leave me along because im alright.

looking for a new job soon, and considering a move. a big move. perhaps some school.
but lets not get ahead of ourselves.

past few days have brought lots of the smiths (im not happy and im not sad).
and old mixes i had made. hearts stars and dance party 1992.
(you did a good thing)
Im homesick. homesick
see you soon maybe.
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    the air is concrete and hard to breathe