January 17th, 2005


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i suppose i owe the world an update.

got some new music.
met some new people.
Played some shows with proud flesh.
we played with minmae and durango 95
durango 95 is awesome.
hung out with lauren and andrew at last durango.proud flesh show. They are awesome.
Proud flesh has an all ages show at hells kitchen on the 27th.
been getting better.
operation not driving anymore is working just fine.
everything is in its place, except for one thing. this means good.
5 days a week, 40 hours.
why is it so cold?
Cant wait for a reunion of sorts.
GOt a mini fridge.
favourite store = grocery store.
got new toothpaste.
suffering from severe sleep deprivation.
everything sounds official if you make it.
looking to get a few new cds.
soft bulletin, clouds taste metallic, live evil, a few more here and there including the two new minmae releases "feed back seers" and "soul drone"
peter may be moving to seattle.
we may have room for one at my house.
we are shooting for end of january early february.

what have you been up to? answer via comment line please.
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