January 9th, 2005

we might die from medication but we sure killed all the pain.

This past month i have spent a lot of time on different forms of public transportation. Sitting quietly, maybe with headphones on, covered up to the neck. Things pass through my periphery and nothing changes. Everything becomes a collage of water and colour. i feel myself leave my body and experience an overwhelming sense of understanding and the sounds are exhilarating. Before i know it the conductor of the it all announces my stop. A few seconds are used returning back into my body. stepping off the vehicle brings mixed reactions, ive seen wonderful things and heard incredible sounds and they were near free of charge. i shake off and try to regain feeling on my appendages.

its a different reaction every time. I havent left this part of town in a long time. As far as i am concerned nothing exists outside of these walls, outside of these city limits. i see the entire worlds population on a regular basis. and when i lay down to rest i and at ease because i know the world lies with me.
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