January 2nd, 2005


i never thought this life was possible. You're the yellow bird ive been waiting for.

Alright good morning. Maybe soon i will "sleeping" at this hour too.

everybody look for a job for me.

ive been sleeping so strange at night.
clear and blue. behind me.

well, proud flesh records the new ep tomorrow. it will be on super 3 inch cd. 20 minutes of music. i have no idea what it will be like. none at all.

i will trap you in a song tied to a melody.

i think i will stop driving. stop paying insurance. Stop polluting. stop paying for gas. just live.
i never liked driving anyway. I want to simplify my life down to a few things. Just a few. music, reading, working, sleeping. living.

Not driving is kind of big, i have always drove. like 3 years now. So i may rethink this, but it would be so much easier and less expensive not to drive.
im glad you got to get away. I stayed in the same place and nothing changed. Well it did it just got Worse.

time to re-dedicate ourselves.
But the old devils they found me in my hut they poured through the windows and cornered me and i cried out to no one, "i give up".
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    When i press the keys it all gets reversed.

i hit the soft spot on the soft spot of my head, it made me tired, so i sang from my bed.

best shows from 2004

1. the cure.
2. the shins.
3. explosions in the sky (with the vogstah).
4. firetheft
5. bright eyes.
6. Umbersleeping.
7. good job honey (at the jive with eyes of autumn)
8. Harkonen eyes of autumn sleeping people dim locater (mad props to panties joe)
9. Eliot lipp instore effing performance Rocket Records.
10. Karate
11. smoke and smoke
12. minmae at jamies.
13. wolf eyes ( i wasnt there, but its wolf eyes. dont be a stupid idiot.)
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    shape of punk to come.