Santiago Emmanuel Rosalanda (eye_sore_) wrote,
Santiago Emmanuel Rosalanda

confused and not dazed.

casual friends. I am moving to new york as soon as i possibly can.  today was really nice but freezing. i like it that way. its a back handed compliment. You enjoy the sun but wear long sleeves.

I know damn well what i did to my liver. Last summer i almost melted it. The extraordinary part is that it had nothing to do with the consumption of alcoholic beverages. Thats my new poison. It almost feels like i know exactly why i was kept around. I heard somewhere that love is wanting what is best for the other person.

i am so confused. I do know that my mother calls me daily and writes twice a week and assures me i know myself so much more than i used to.
Just stay away from that girl.

my new resolutions are to never yell or cause pain like my father did, and  i wont hurt anything that has feelings if  i can possible help it.

i really just want my brother and his wife to be as happy as they pretend to be, my brother to come home from iraq. If he tells me to stop watching the news one more time.

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