Santiago Emmanuel Rosalanda (eye_sore_) wrote,
Santiago Emmanuel Rosalanda

cant you see what you've done to my heart

its interesting what my ipod will pla on shuffle.

i got a new one. ipod that is. i am at my mothers. its not bad at all.

went to american apparel and got a new sweart shirt yesterday. trying to break from my summer time mold of just wearing black shirts. this one is grey. feel like a rainbow. anyway, after that i went to vivaci( i think thats how you spell it). Well, anyway, i dont drink coffee anymore but on the rare occasion that i do, i only drink coffee from vivacci. THen i bought a beer and took it home put it in the fridge.

i turned 21 last month. i must of read a thousand faces. i wonder how everyone else is doing. freaking snow on the ground. can you even hear me?
you know whats good? sun ra.

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