Santiago Emmanuel Rosalanda (eye_sore_) wrote,
Santiago Emmanuel Rosalanda

i know everyone is dying to know.

take only what you need my love, leave the rest behind.

last cigarette: its been years.
last good cry: saturday.
last movie seen: you and me and everyone we know

last book read: the new publication is a work in progress
last cuss word uttered: blueberries.
last beverage drank: this relaxing tea tim and kim gave me to calm me down.
last food consumed: choc cake katie brought me
last phone call: chelsea or brilock
last tv show watched: ...
last time showered: about an hour or so ago. yesterday,
last shoes worn: pumas. tan ones.
last item bought: kiwi
last annoyance: the television that my room mate insists on watching.
last disappointment: today

current clothes: blue vintage slim fit cords, grrey shirt.
current mood: anxious
current music: song i wrote last night called newspaper clippings

current taste: clean. just brushed the pearls.
current hair: thick. unruly.
current smell: the tea i drank.
current thing i should be doing: sleeping
current desktop picture: radiohead crying minotaur
current refreshment: hope i get a new job
current worry: trying not to, do not be anxious for tomorrow.
current plans for the day: tomorrow? work, get home. maybe see brian before he leaves for california. depends how i feel i need my meds filled.
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