Santiago Emmanuel Rosalanda (eye_sore_) wrote,
Santiago Emmanuel Rosalanda

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well, the empty bottle it misses you and i am the one its talking to.

what a day. working so much i get so tired.

in the middle of the day going home to my place from the job that makes me sleep back to the thoughts that keep me awake.

neko case is so beautiful. I wish i still had albert.i know exactly what he would be doing right now. sleeping on my chair or on my cot.

The days are not getting any easier.

count down till my b day. alot. two months? then i will be a warmer man. from the inside out.

it looks a lot like engine oil and tastes like being poor and small.

deep red bells.

this weekend, demitris friday. work saturday, service. i may scoot to tac town.
i really know how to make a mix cd.

this one is really good.
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