Santiago Emmanuel Rosalanda (eye_sore_) wrote,
Santiago Emmanuel Rosalanda

i know how.

all is well with casswell. right.

albert is turning into a fine young boy. i could not love him more.

its disgusting.

a few interviews tomorrow/this week. i hope i get them.

quite frankly, my ship has sailed and i am SOL and need a hand to reach down.
I miss brian.

the new pictures i have of him for some reason make me think i am not going to see him again.
well my mother says that the common complaint that i receive of my mind being a million miles away should be looked into. she says a dr. might need to be considered. And Dr. Pepper wont do the trick.
so that scares me but its something i cant figure out on my own. in my own mind its like asking for a million dollars and getting a fifty cent piece. i dont disagree, its the main reason that i dont last long at jobs. Customer service isnt for me.
i just think to much and never really stop.

when i get through this program i will be ok. i can do compassion, i cant do customer ass kiss. i never liked being a consumer and i dont like consumers.

i am proud of myself because today i fought the wild beast and demanded a standard. I wont budge on this.

By now you should of somehow realized what you have got to do.

This picture of brian you should see, he's looking off the right with a smile. red jacket, blue zip up underneath. fist raised like he's fighting the power. He looks glorious.
tell them that the house is notfor sale.

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