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Everything is in its right place.

Well last night went well.

A herd of indie rockers took my apartment by swarm? stampede? No, not the metal band, i am talking bagel pizzas, man.

I hit hard and my muscles cant really keep up with my mind. i really like peters new kit, i hope i didnt overdo it.

next stop. no where?
To the guys in a band who werent feeling like coming to a show, thanks.

A non sarcastic serious thanks to everyone that did show up. i showed my appreciation by hugging you and allowing you expierience what 30 minutes of beating on things will do to a boys aroma. i hope you understand, you understand.


Later one we went for a walk down by the pond and tripped over exposed roots.Perhaps in daylight you could see they were exposed, it just was so hard to see in the dark night. Sitting on a log i could here the atmosphere's sounds. An all natural soundscape that plays even when no one is listening. I guess thats something to admire.

And beehives is the perfect album for a day like today. I should call cody.

I should call matt. i should call my mom. Well, we're mass communicating.
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