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Disney's Queen


Kelly's Irish Pub
27 October 1984
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I don't know really what to say.
As you can see I have no interests what so ever. = P
I am very sarcastic, I love to laugh, hang out with friends, and read.
I have been working at an Elementary School for the past 2 year. I work in the Autism Program. I have about 5 different children that I work with inside and outside of school. The program has provided them a great learning but I help take it to the next level. I am supposedly called and Autism God. When I just really want to see these kids improve to their full potential. I love these kids as my own. Basically I am a parent to them. I am with them for an entire day.
Then I eat and then pass out.
Every now and again I work with a Program on Saturday's with a Specialty Hockey team called "The Washington Ice Dogs" and "The West Virgina Cool Cats". This has been a part of my life since my brother started the team when he was in Mid-Elementary School days. He has O.D.D. (Oppositional defiant disorder). All children can be Oppositional sometimes A.K.A. disobedient, but this goes beyond that.
But if you want to learn more I have plenty of space for you to read from.