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Oct. 5, 2007
i'm going boating tomorrow
it's supposed to be 89 degrees
i loveee crazy weather in october! :)

Jan. 29, 2006
if you're from park tudor - you're removed.
it's nice to know some people can't keep their mouths fucking shut.
this is absolutely ridiculous, that one or however many of you guys think it's fine to go and talk about my personal life - and those of my friends whom are in this journal.

get a fucking life.
grow fucking up.

this is a place where i write everything.
i've had it for two years.
it's really disapointing.

it's times like this i'm so glad im not there.
seriously - why would you even care?
i don't even go to the fucking school anymore!

Jun. 11, 2005

Too bad i meant to point at ALL of us.. not just his hand? awesome! ;)
but boo.. i wanted the aim sn like giants but no, it's taken. rarrr.

Jun. 7, 2005
[ mood | hopeful ]

today was cool. headed down to woodstock (country club and no i'm not rich or anything.) waay early. but yess worked with Jodie on their tennis shop and whatnot. It's cool though -- cuz i'll get credit for working in retail and stuff. sweet. Scott is back coaching for tennis! yesss. oh gosh he's finished with his freshman year of college. and um he grew.. i think i needa pull a Bridget-traveling-pants thing and yeeeah ;) haha kidding kidding. i could neverrrr do that. plus -- got my eye on someone else? and i told jordan whoo it was today and he was like "Oh like it wasn't obvious." thaaanks jordan. i appreciate it ;) anyway met a cool waiter guy named Trey. We're friends now.. haha. i love how i'm friends with everyone who works there. sweet.

theeen later went over to nooka's and watched the polyphonic spree dvd! geez. they're just so talented.. it's insane. and then we chilled and stuff. it was funn. and Nooka is addicted to myspace *coughaddhimandleavehimcomments--helovesitcough* ;)but thennn came home and i am so tireddd. rar..

WHAT/WHEN/WHERE/ for thursday or friday?
someone tell meee.

awesome photo courtsey of ali :-D


Jun. 7, 2005
today has been.. well.. fantastic. i woke up at like one.. to my mom saying "Hey.. we're going to woodstock (country club) like now!!.. oh wait. we went and let you sleep!" aka once in a LIFETIME occurance. so then i check my mail.. 11 new messages. daamn. one from the guidance person... yess my grades are ok =D. theeen there is a very good posibility of seeing rufus (TESSA CALL ME ASAP 7484909) in ohio. what else. oh talked on the phone to jordan outside for awhile. about life. haha it was pretty interesting. then went to get some sun & the "neighborhood pool" or whatev and took grace. came homeeee then went out to chilis with ashten and lauren :)

our waitress.. wtf seriously. she put mango in my diet coke? playa say wha? and then dropped my fork or something. whatev, it was alright. thennnnn we saw the pants movie. very cute. excepttt the guy isn't chineese! geez. umm then ashten wouldn't call anyone on my phone.. (PUSSY.)but eventually we made plans and went over to nooka's and watched team america with caitlin, nooka and taylorrr. fun. i want to finish that movie toooo. shoot.

then came home & talked to kyleee. got something interesting from him =P i love you. alot. =]

and from your lips she drew theCollapse )

Dec. 17, 2003
[ mood | numb ]

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