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The adventures of a not so pirate lupe [entries|friends|calendar]

e·vade, To escape or avoid by cleverness or deceit

Evade became a true pirate inside and out on 11-07-04. Hes cunning, slick, and adventurous. His heart belongs to the sea. Hes the protector of his siblings, though you'll never catch him admitting he cares for them.
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11th day of Storing, Y6 [11 Nov 2004|03:43pm]
11th day of Storing, Y6

Aye, things be bustlin in Faerieland. Haven't had th' time to update me log.

This land is full of strange folk. Buncha happy floaty little things. Give me th' jeeblies. But they seem kind enough. Got the ship completely repaired and full o' the supplies we be needin' to get us through the desert. Myaaki helped quite a bit with that. Free supplies were just what we'd been needin'. I think we be spendin' one final night here before we ship off.

Everyone be avoidin' the questions about th' strange ship we saw. I guess I'll be findin' the answers somewhere else.

For now its off to do a bit of explorin' for myself... and to see what the crew be up to
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