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 I'm in a really strange mood right now.
 I'm at John's and can't go anywhere because I'm waiting for somebody to come by and fix his internet. From 1 o'clock to 5, they're supposed to be here. That's a really long estimate on such a beautiful day.. Let's hope he comes right at 1 so I can go out in the 'real world'.

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I'm officially moving out of my apartment by October 1st, if not earlier. That gives me about a month to look for a new place.
I told my roommates I just didn't want to live here anymore. I'm on the lease until April but I'll sublet it out to someone until then. Jerry said they already found a few potential roommates. They prefer a girl, probably to clean up after their smelly boy butts.

Reasons why I want to leave:
-Dangerous neighborhood.. I hate walking around after dark, and I hate the area.. All just factories, and dark alleys.
-My roommates. Adam uses my stuff a lot (like my laundry detergent that I desperately needed yesterday), and is always playing the drums right outside my room, and has his bandmates over to jam all the time so it's never quiet. Jerry is just a pretentious artist, born and raised in Brooklyn, and always manages to talk down to me. I don't feel comfortable with them.
-The... general apartment itself. It's always dirty no matter how much I clean it, the kitchen always has flies and (MY) dishes in the sink so I never feel comfortable cooking, and the bathroom always reeks of urine. I probably shower here twice a month (I always shower at the gym).
-Which leads me to.. the utilities/rent.. I pay more than they do and only use it as a closet. I stay at John's every night, and we go to Connecticut pretty much every weekend. I pay the utilities and don't EVEN USE THEM, because I'm never here! I can't afford $800 a month for a closet in a dangerous neighborhood that I don't ever stay in.
-The room itself is tiny, with no closets, and a tiny part of a bigger window. It's always hot in here and I don't stay in here for too long.
-I want to move in with Johnny :)

Wow, actually writing my reasons out is making me wonder why I've been here as long as I have.

I'm still working at the gym, covering people's shifts, until I find a better job. I'll be opening every day for a week starting tomorrow. I have to BE there at 5:30 in the morning :(
But I'll be looking around for a new job. I get out of work at 11:30 so I have all day to apply to places for a week.

John brought his motorcycle down from Connecticut last night, and got  a parking spot in the garage on the other side of my building.
We got in a little fight about the bikes, and how that's all he does on weekends.. I was upset because I told him it was rude to invite people over all weekend and just stand around the bike and talk about it, especially to his friends that don't have motorcycles. 
He has to understand that I absolutely love the fact that he rides motorcycles. In no way was I ever saying and will I ever say that he shouldn't like them. It's what he enjoys, it makes him happy. But it kind of sucks when that's the only option. I can only be so "supportive".. 
This is all selfish, I know. I just want him to respect me and my time.
So him having his bike here in Brooklyn now might be a problem, but I doubt it. It might make him appreciate the city more.

I don't mean to complain.. He really is a great boyfriend. There have been a few shitty times recently but can't get over how crazy I am about him. He takes care of me.

Well, off to work. Looks like a beautiful day out and I'll be dealing with bratty people inside all day.

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 I got two black dogs on me lap. And one of them shat in the house for the first time in two months. On John's birthday. In his room.

I still think it's so weird John and my dad have the same birthday, on the 30th, exactly 30 years apart.

I turned in my "two week" notice at work yesterday. It's not really over over, because I am still going to be working there one day a week to both maintain my free gym membership and stay in the system so I can still be a personal trainer.
For some reason (or every reason possible), I just got fed up last night by my job. Everything just built up at once and I went to my assistant manager and was like, "Listen, this job isn't working out". Between the foreign hotel guests that get pissed off when you don't speak their language (we live in NEW YORK, people), the billion phone calls, and the shitty members who are just pissed off at their jobs and lives in Times Square so they take it out on me. 
Oh well. I don't exactly have another job set up but I'm not THAT worried. For now.

I just had a (very expensive) hair appointment at Bumble and Bumble. It was so glamorous, hah. 
I've also officially lost 20 pounds and am almost at my goal weight.

The Gathering of the Vibes was easily the best weekend I've ever had. 
I stayed there from Thursday to Sunday, but John couldn't get there til Friday night.
Our campsite was Adam, Jess, Kevin, Somer, Eric, Johnny, Rosy, and 5 of Adam's old Vibes neighbors. It was so great, they brought pop-ups, a grill (and made crazy good food, like steak and potatoes), chairs, tapestries.. It was our home for four days. 
It rained pretty badly on Thursday, and Friday was a bad thunderstorm. But it was so gorgeous, because we were right on the beach and to see the lightning over the water was just breathtaking. Everything else was just amazing, I can't even explain. The people there were definitely what made the trip interesting. There was so many people openly doing drugs, and the cops couldn't do a thing about it.
It made John and I realized that we were genuinely happy, both separately and together. But once we came back to NY it was the same old bullshit. It's only Thursday and we're already hating how disgusting New York and the people are. I wish the Vibes was year-long.

For John's birthday, we're going to see Blink 182 and.. Fall Out Boy  =( .. next Sunday. I'm pretty excited. I paid a little extra to get great seats.
I have to work til 10 tonight but we took tomorrow off of work to do whatever we want. Wooooooo 3 day weekend!!!

Well, hopefully I get a new and better job soon. And maybe move out of this apartment, with John.
Amy's moving down the street tomorrow. That should be interesting.

And I'm happy. As much as I complain, I'm happy.

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 Things done:
Transfer funds to checking.
Pay credit card.
Get John's birthday present.

To do:
Deposit check
Cover Nancy's shifts (?)
Call Williamsburg animal clinic
Take personal training course
Go to ask prices at tanning salon


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 Things are going alright.. I am still so broke but hopefully I'll be making monies soon.
I'm in the process of becoming a personal trainer... Random, I know. But I'm so excited about it! I just need to get my certification first and then I'll be able to pay rent AND get paid to work out and get hot! Hah.
They fired Edidania last week so I have to close the gym by myself Wednesday-Friday. That sucks bad.

Saturday, John was teaching me how to ride a motorcycle and I crashed it. It was Clark's bike and it broke the mirror and the peg.. I got road rash and shit that hurt like crazy (and still does) and I sprained my ankle because the bike landed on it. Johnny was on the back and got a lot of cuts and burns on his legs, we're both in such sorry shape, hah. Well. I don't know if I'll be getting back on a motorcycle any time soon but I know how to ride one and that's good for now. Motherfuckin road rash.

I want to get a tattoo so bad I just need to make up my mind.

I also want to go out West so bad. 

I want a lot of things.

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 I still can't believe Michael Jackson died yesterday!!
John and I were getting Jamba Juice on my break from work while we saw on a scrolling news feed in Times Square - "BREAKING NEWS! MICHAEL JACKSON HAS..." and didn't say anything else. So we were like, okay, it's probably that he has skin cancer, or something. When I went back to work, everyone was like "DID YOU HEAR!" and it was all over the TVs in the gym that he died. I called John right then, haha. 
It was so random! That sucks. He was a legend. I don't think any other celebrity's death has affected me nearly this much. 

Work's not going so well, only because of the money, pretty much.
I know that "it's a job" and I should be grateful to even have a job, but I decided to wait it out a month and see if it can cover my rent.
And it can just barely cover my rent. And that's it. So I'm literally working just to live in an expensive apartment in Brooklyn. 
I need another job so I can, you know, afford to.. eat or something. This sucks so bad.

Johnny joined my gym a few days ago. That makes me really happy. He works a few blocks away from me and comes to the gym after he gets out of work. We're so good together, I'm so lucky.. <3

Real's hard drive crashed and lost all of his movie footage!! He's trying to see if it can be restored, but even if it can, he's done a lot of editing since the last time he backed it up.. I feel so bad for him. I still want a copy!

Well, yep.

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 Yesterday when I was at work, my roommate let my dog out of his crate and left him alone after a while, and he ended up chewing my bottle of Adderall-like medication.. We're not sure if he took any but that was a very terrifying call to get at work when you can't get home for another 9 hours.
I was freaking out so bad. I was sure I was going to come home to a dog-less apartment. That is such a dangerous medication for a 20 pound dog to take (it's basically speed).
My manager was helping me out and calling the poison control line, and she told me it would be a $60 charge JUST TO TELL ME WHAT TO DO WITH THE DOG!! My dog could have been dying in the process. I hung up on her, called another vet, who thankfully told me that even if he took 2 pills, he'd live, and to give him hydrogen peroxide to make him throw up.
He's acting fine now, but if I had lost my dog with no control about it, I don't know what I'd do.


John took me to see Guys and Dolls on Broadway on Thursday, which officially ended two days ago, so I'm glad we went. It was a good show, Lauren Graham has a surprisingly good voice. 
Friday, we went to see Victor Wooten, Stanley Clarke, and Marcus Miller at the Nokia Theater. I don't think I've ever seen that much talent on one stage before, whether it be a hundred other people or just one. They are goddamn bass legends!! Wooten must have 14 fingers on each hand.

Work's alright. I've been asking for a set schedule every day since I've started and will hopefully get that today.
There are a few benefits to working there.. People bring you coffee, you get paid to workout/shower, it's in Times Square so there's no lack of food options (AND a Jamba Juice across the street!), free personal training, acting connections, AND I've lost 10 pounds!!!! I am only about 10 pounds away from my goal weight, that I've been trying to get to for years now.
There are of course a few downsides. People always have something to complain about and I'm always the first to hear about it. I hate more than anything when people 'shoot the messenger'.. And they're always attacking me for the most trivial thing, like a boxing class being filled and them not being able to get in. Not. My. Fault. I've also been covering more people's shifts than I have been working my own.
When I can, I'm going to go look for another job. I need more money. If this job paid better, I'd stay there, no doubt.

I'm also trying to find a new place that I get along with my roommates, and that I can afford.. $750 is too high, at least right now.

I want a lot of things right now but I just can't have them and that pisses me off.

Well. I'm off to go swimming for the first time this year..
Hopefully no one laughs at me. It's a lap lane and I'm not such a good swimmer.
And EVERYONE can see the pool from the hallway.

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 I've only been working at NYSC for two days now, and already, hilarity has ensued.

1.) Yesterday, my FIRST day of work, I had to fill out a police report for this dude who went ballistic on the staff. Cops came and the guy was swinging his fists, swearing and stuff. The only part I played was being sworn at by some psycho and I had to fill a form out.
2.) One of the employees was caught jerking off in the sauna by a gym member.. He "finished" in his hand and offered it to the member saying "want some?"... HAHAHA. Oh my god. I can't believe how funny this situation is. Now the member is trying to sue everyone and their mom because of it. We'll see what happens!

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