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Katarina Clarke

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Update! [Nov. 7th, 2008|09:40 pm]
Katarina Clarke
[Current Location |Hugo Rune's.]
[Current Mood |tiredtired]

In true Ukrainian fashion I've been out of the country for over a week and haven't updated a single thing here. Mind you, I hardly ever do that anymore, so there ya go!
I was packing right up until walking out the door to go to the airport. My grandmother gave me crap until the very last minute too. 'Hurry up, you're not ready, blah blah, yada yada!' I let her enjoy it, she wouldn't get that chance for a few months at least!
Daddy turned up just about the time he said he would. It completely had not sunk in at all that I was leaving. 'I'm 'ere love!' he yelled up the stairs as I ran around like a headless chook. Shot down the stairs like I was five again didn't I? 'Dadddeeeeeee'. Gawd. Bloody wuss!
Then there was Ann-Marie, who I straightaway donated about five-of-my-body-weights-worth of makeup, shower crap and cosmo brides. She was distraught, but delighted!
Two cars went to the airport - car one, Ann-Marie, her fiance, me and my grandma. Car 2, very far behind us, my Daddy, my brother, and my Daddy's doggy, who he rarely parts with.
'Can you still see Eric's car?' Ann-Marie asks her lovelywuvvle.
'Barely. He is driving SO slowly. Doesn't he know its (however many kph)?'
Probably, but that's my Daddy. :P
So we turn up at the airport, Josh stops at the side of the road so us girlies can get out, and Dad pulls up alongside. 'Just go n park eric.' 'Righto!' Dad disappears along the road and we walk into the Airport. I find which gate I 'think' is the right one. We sit for a few minutes then I decide to check in while it's quiet.
We've still got plenty of time. Ann-Marie hasn't eaten all day, and I'm a bit hungry again. And Dad and Luke have come a long way. So me and Ann-Marie go in search of food! We come back some twenty minutes later with Oporto chicken for Dad & Luke, Salads for me and Ann-Marie, and three starbucks's. Baba didnt want anything, but had some of Dad's chips.
Lukie began to get a bit anti-social. So Dad gave me a kiss, a very teary one, and Baba sat there with great red wells pooling in the 80-odd years worth of bags under her eyes. She gave me an-'ug-n-a-kiss, then I hugged and kissed the Lukemeister, and off they went. So twas me & Ann-Marie, so we sat there n talked about me finally getting laid, and had a laugh like old times, now and again stopping to 'OMG.' about what was about to happen!!! We decided would be nice to have a walk. So I went n bought Liz (Marcus' Ma) some Baileys in the duty free, and bought an adaptor in strandbags, which like a dumbass I have misplaced and needed to buy one here. Dumbass.
I got some money exchanged and then I had about 20 minutes to kill. I decided, in order to declare all my blah, to go through a bit earlier. Ann-Marie went as far up the path as she could and waved me off, making puppy dog faces. In true fashion, I called back, 'You'll be right mate!'
So there I was. On my lonesome. The big kid, dragging ginormous suitcase through the terminal, tryin 2 find me gate. And there it was, everyone sittin around waitin for it to open. So i sat down and watched some Aussie telly for the last time for a while. So a year later they open boarding and I board and siddown and meet some peeps and drink some scotch. Ooooft!
The whole way was brilliant but fucking long. Kept lookin out the windows and watching SATC. We landed in Bangkok and I hung around with this nice guy about Dad's age I'd met on the plane. Walked around, got a little lost, etc. Then it was time to go through the security checker again. And I beeped!
'Please step up here.' Lady points to grey step thingy. I step up, and they swipe one of them thingos up and down me. They get me to step down and ask me to take off my shoes, I take one off, they nod me clear. And I'm so silly I nearly walk off without my handbag! 'Oh, Miss, Miss!' I turn around blush red, grab it and go.
I sit there with my new friend before we board, again. He's reading, I'm playing my DS and he's laughing cos it's pink. So we get back on the plane, and we start the big leg of the journey. It took FOREVER.
After falling asleep a few thousand times and waking up ten minutes later, there was about 1 1/2 hours til landing. So I made the most of it, watched a bit more SATC and chilled out, had a nice omelette for breakfast, completely chilled out. Then came the time to fill out our arrival slips, and before we knew it we were circling London getting ready to land. The passport line was a bit slow but I spose that's good, they check everyone's mugshots etc, etc, etc. Then I went to get my suitcase, same as last time, went to declare my meds, same as last time, rang the red phone and the lady told me it didnt count, same as last time, walked through to what I thought was where everyone was waiting, was wrong so heart dropped again, walked through another door, and there it was, the line of people! Scanned the line, he wasn't there. Unless he looked completely different! Took about ten steps and in he walked. 'Oi!!! :D' 'Hey Baby!!!' bliss...
So we caught the train, caught the long bus, came home, and got to know each other again ;)

The rest is a couple Halloween do's, a few pub visits, went n had dinner at Diner 77. Was very nice. Now he's out getting some cider and the pizza has just arrived. Even tho I'm still a stresshead, at least I have kisses now. I've waited 2 and a half long years to be loved. So worth the wait.
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Where are you, Waynus? [Aug. 26th, 2007|09:55 am]
Katarina Clarke
[Current Mood |worriedworried]

Buddy, don't do this.

If something's wrong, come n tell us. That's what we're here for.

We understand everything. We do.

So if something's happened, at least tell me and hugo, okay?

We always vent to each other.

Please come back.
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Friends Only Obviously. [Mar. 30th, 2004|02:08 am]
Katarina Clarke
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

G'day Mate. I'm an Aussie Chick and I rarely add anyone, you'd have to be extremely important to me to get on my sexy little honour roll. And there are some smart arse shits out there who will come nowhere near. More likely than not, some of them will read this, coz I wont have added them.

I'm a fucked up little princess and i pick my playmates.

So If i don't want you, don't take it to heart, take it up the arse.



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