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[13 Dec 2004|07:06pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

heyyyy yoooo,

So i got a new phone!! its soo awesome, and cute, and small! It's from cingular and i after much contemplation i am really glad that i went with cingular. I know it will get great service in chicago but the real test is here in paw paw/gobles/kalamazoo, and surprisingly it gets great service here too!! i am really glad!

Miguel came over for part of the weekend, it was really nice. we got qdoba which was seriously awesome! it was soo good, man those nachos are to die for! haha, we rented some movies, ohh and we went to see Blade:trinity, it was good. I really liked spending time with him here at my house with my family around, we helped put up the christmas tree, (which was fake this year, i was really disappointed.) watched movies, went to target, went to church, hung out, had pancakes, slept, talked, cleaned of his car piled with snow! haha it was fun. we always have a lot of fun together.
Last night he was supposed to go home but the weather was soo bad that he turned around and stayed another night, i was kinda worried cause i thought it was just going to be worse in the morning and then he would be snowed in (i guess its not a bad thing) but he had work the next morning. but things always work out for the best and this morning, although extremely snowy, was a lot better then the night before.

Also today my family and i, excluding my dad, went to get these pictures taken, my mom is on this new thing about getting family pictures now, its kinda annoying but whatever, im sure i will appreciate it later when i can look back and see us.

I went to the mall and got a couple more christmas gifts for people, i really don't want to wait until the last minute, and since i am going away for almost a week i won't have that much time when i get back before its christmas. hopefully i can finish it by tomorrow.

which then leads me to say that i am going away for vacation!! a nice warm topical place! i can't wait! it will be so nice to be lying in the sun and getting tan in the winter! i think it will definitely lift my spirits that sometimes lack when its dark and snowy out all the time. and when i come back... its my birthday!!! yay!!

Its kinda scary to think im turning 20, wow im definitely getting old. but its going to be my golden birthday! i will 20 on the 20th! haha. it will be fun, birthdays are fun.

Alright so i guess i should go. i will talk to you later! byeee

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[10 Dec 2004|11:06pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

Wow, pfewww, im finallllly done! finals were tough, i had soo much to study. but now its over and i am happy to be alive. yay. well last night miguel and i had to study for bio and we went to him house to study which was fun. both of us reading and asking each other questions. it was fun. then woke up early and studied a little more until the final. after the final it was soo nice, i remember thinking when i had one more question left and about 40 minutes to go that i was sooo happy that once this is over i am done. yay. then we went to get something to drink and to relax a little and then we decided to go to los comales which is sooo good. yum, im definitely going to miss that place this break.

then we drove around and then he left me and i had to go pack :-( but hopefully i will see him this break. actually i know i am so it won't be that bad, :-)

then i packed and talked to karan and did some errands and then my mom came and we left. i was really tired but i managed to stay up and get home alright.

one night before miguel left we decided to go in the quads to go walk around cause the lights were up and its really nice there. miguel made the suggestion that we walk around the pound on these little stepping stones that lead to a stone bench. it was cute, i suggested that on the count of three we both jump from one step to the other. haha it was fun, and it was funny cause the people that say us probably thought we were crazy. haha, but it was fun, it was a good suggestion, i liked it alot. i like it when we do weird, sometimes stupid fun things together like that. its fun. yay.

i am getting a new phone tomorrow, hopefully. i want to get a cingular phone, i have talked to quite a few people and finally i found someone that has it and used it in michigan also and said that he does get pretty good service so i think i am definitely going to get it. yay!! im excited and i really hope that i can get it tomorrow.

being home feels a little weird, i don't know why but i do, but i am definitely glad that i can have a break for a little while.

Alright well i guess im going to go, i should go to sleep soon. have a good night, im sure i will some of you soon. byee.

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One more week. I can't wait! [07 Dec 2004|03:30pm]
[ mood | busy ]

yes, im still alive.

yes, its finals week.

no, i probably won't update until its over.

yes, i am glad that we are working it out.


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[28 Nov 2004|12:07am]
[ mood | content ]

well its the end of break, and i don't really know what to say, im kinda in a really confused state but i think i will be okay once i get back to school. Its good to come home and its good to go back.

i met up with a lot of people and im really glad that i did.

lets see, yesterday i hung out and went to kalamazoo to look at phones and any other sales that were going on, but there was nothing that i wanted or needed really and the lines were all extremely long so i just came home. i was determined to get some work done and i did a little. then i got ready and went to see my friend matt that i haven't seen since last year some time. its really weird, we never talk during the year and then once a break comes like thanksgiving or christmas we always meet up and it seems like nothing has changed. its cool to have friends like that. so him and his girlfriend are going to new zealand, australia, and fiji for about 3 weeks. it sounds soo awesome, i bet it will be fun. there are kinda backpacking and renting cars and sightseeing it will be fun. then when they get back she is going abroad for the summer in africa and so is his brother so hes going to africa to help his brother (more like be with this girlfriend) hehe aww. but i guess they fight a lot and i don't know. haha. its funny. so we just talked and we went to kzoo cause he wanted to check out the price of huge backpacks for his trip and i wanted to get a graphing calculator since i have been using other peoples for this year so far.haha so then we came back and then i left to go home. i got ready and then out to katies house i went. there were sooo many people there from my class, and other people, it was seriously like a reunion. it was a lot of fun. it was a good party. i drank a little too much though, and i lost my phone :-(

yeah so today i woke up kinda later but i allowed it since i didn't sleep until 4am. yeah. so then i got up and for some reason i thought it was sunday and then realized that it was saturday and was totally happy. woke up and watched some tv, silence of the lambs, its such a great movie. then i decided to do some work and i did some reading for bio and some reading for music.

and with that this week is going to be hell for me. i have sooo much work and its all coming down to the last minute. i tried to get some done at home but it was kinda hard, i don't know all i know is that i have soo much work and i need to get it done soon. i will probably be in the library or studying everyday this week until finals. ahhh.. but i need to and then it will be okay cause i have 3 weeks of break so not study, haha. yeah

so in all break was pretty good. i got to see a lot of people, and hang out and watch movies, but some parts were as good, uncertainty and confusion, and not doing work. SORRY MERRY FOR NOT COMING OVER, I WILL DEFINITELY ONCE WINTER BREAK STARTS!! PROMISE!! I LOVE YOU!

yeah so im pretty tired and i think im going to bed. so good night and wish me luck with school.

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[25 Nov 2004|01:06pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Well its thanksgiving again, another year has gone by.
I am really glad that i came home for thanksgiving, there really is "no place like home, for the holidays" i really enjoy being home and seeing my mom and sister again. we just finished eating with my uncle and aunt and it was a lot of fun. it was good to see them again and it was good to eat a lot! haha, my mom made some great food, and i ate all of it! haha not really, but i definitely ate a lot cause it was sooo good. i love thanksgiving because of that. haha.

Last night i really didn't do anything, i just want to stay home and relax and sleep cause i was really tired, its kinda sad cause a lot of my friends were going out and hanging out and having fun but i was lame and stayed home. mostly just because i wanted to see my mom, and just stay at home since i haven't been home in a while, and i didn't really want my mom to have to worry about me going out cause it snowed a lot. i knew that i would have time to hang out with everyone one later in the week. so i laid in bed and played games, and watched tv, and talked to mike, it was fun.

this morning i woke up, kinda early, and looked at all the ads in the paper, i can't decide whether i want to go shopping tomorrow early or not... hmm, its hard because there is nothing that i really want, it would be mostly buying for others, but i don't know if its worth waking up at 5 and staying in line for hours just to save a little money, hmm.. not sure yet.

my mom and sister are going to go see national treasure today at k10. im excited to see a movie, and i really want to see this one for some reason even though i heard that it received some bad ratings. meh, i don't care.

i am soo happy it snowed, it looks soo pretty here, i am really mad that i left my camera at home. i remember asking myself, "should i bring it home, or not?" and i decided not, but now i wish i would have.

i miss mike already. haha. i wish he was here, it would be a lot of fun. we could hang out and watch movies on the new tv screen/movie room that we have, we could go sledding with my friends, we could have a snowball fight,(and i would kick his ass!) haha or make a giant snowman. i like the snow. i like mike. :-)

yeah so right now im doing some work, and its hard to stay motivated but i think i can, i have to, there are only 2 more weeks until finals!! ekk! alright so with that i guess i will go back to my work, i will tell you about the movie after i see it. ttyl. and see you later. byeee

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[22 Nov 2004|11:29pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

hey hey hey,
Well its monday but it feels like a wednesday or a thursday, its really weird. i guess because we only have two more days of classes and then we have break. its so nice, i finally have a break from all the work, but i am only going to take a day or two off and then its back to studying cause we have finals coming up and i need to do very well on some of them to make up for past midterms (cough: bio) anyways things are really good and not stressed for once. i am excited to go home and see the fam. eat turkey, and pumpkin pie, and just relax and watch some tv and eat a lot. haha. but not too much. ;-)

today was a very fun day, full of relaxing and not doing work. i had class from 8:30-10:30 and then a break until 11:30-12:20 and then i was done for the day. I only had chem homework due and that was finished the night before so everything was cool. Then i came back and got some lunch with mike and came back and decided to play some games on candystand.com! everyone should go there and play the games, there are sooo many, and they are soo fun and addicting. our favorite is the ping pong game. haha. so we played that and then decided to watch all of the season 1 of dave chappelle which is 12 episodes!! at first i wasn't sure cause i was supposed to go to this volunteer thing from 4:30-8:00 but it fell through cause the girl that was running it got sick or something, a lame excuse, but she must be really sick. so since i was going to be staying here we decided to watch all of them. we got done with the first disk and decided we should go out to dinner! yay.

we went on the north side and got pad tai at the favorite place, it was sooo good as usual. yum! then we went to get mcdonalds ice cream cones!! yay! haha. also soooo good. then we came back, kinda early cause we left at 5:50 and got back at 7:40 which didn't take that much time it seemed. i had to make sure to be back at 9:30 for our house meeting. we got back and watched the rest of the chappelle season one, and then went to the meeting, and here i am now. i have a paper due tomorrow, but i just finished, and now just chillin once again.

haha it was funny, karan was playing with a lighter, and kinda scaring me and throwing it in my face and such and then i was pushing him away and kinda kicking him and then all of the sudden i felt something warm around my legs, and i looked... AND MY PANT LEG WAS ON FIRE!! haha only for a couple seconds and we got it out quickly but it was funny cause i was just yelling at him not to do that, and then it catches on fire, and ON ME! nonetheless. haha.

alright well i guess i will go. have a great night everyone!

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[21 Nov 2004|10:58am]
[ mood | chipper ]

okay so i just lost my whole entry, grrr. i have when i do that. alright so i guess i will update but now it will be shorter and less cool, haha. so last night i felt bad cause i really small thing began a really big thing and i shouldn't have made it into such a bad this like i did. it really makes me mad when that happens. im really sorry and i shouldn't have been like that i don't know why i was but im sorry.

So last night after mike and i talked we were going to bed and i couldn't sleep so i called him. we have this thing when one of us can't sleep then we call the other person its fun. so last night i couldn't sleep so i call him and i ask him to tell me a story so i can fall asleep, but instead he suggests that i tell the story and maybe i will get tired that way. so since he was watching home alone on tv earlier that night i decided to tell the story of home alone 2. haha. it was alot of fun, and i don't know why. hehe. then after a while i began to get tired so we hung up and i feel asleep. a little while later i get a call and its mike and he can't sleep either. aww. haha. so we talk for a little while and then finally he decides to go to sleep or at least try again. i am guessin g that he did since he didn't call me back. well at least i hope so. so anyways it was fun.

this morning i woke up kinda early and am determined to get work done. this weekend i had a serious problem with not getting work done. i don't know what it was but i couldnt get work done. it was making me kinda mad, i just couldn't get motivated and i was getting kinda anxious. anyways i woke up this morning and already wrote 2 pages of my paper and discovered that i actually have less work than i thought. i guess everything works out for the best. alright well im going to go now and get some food and then back to work for me. i will talk to you later. miss you

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[20 Nov 2004|10:46pm]
[ mood | sad ]

i can be such a jerk sometimes, im sooo sorry. :-(

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Saturday [20 Nov 2004|01:51pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Hey guys,
Well its another weekend, and only 3 days until break. Today my mission is to get a lot of chem and bio reading done, and also start my music paper, and maybe some spanish. i really am determined but i can't work in my room, so i think i will go to the library. I realllly need to catch up in bio. i mean i think it is a really interesting subject, i am just slacking and not doing the reading and studying that i should. i need to get on that!

Last night was the first night that there was actually a lot of parties going on from about 2 weekends of nothing. because of the stabbing, i don't know if i mentioned it before, but some people were drunk and a guy broke a beer bottle and stabbed another guy at a party and i guess it was really serious and if it would have been any closer to his liver he would have died....so everyone was scared that the police were going to enforce a drinking restriction or regulate more, so most of the frats and other places put their parties on hold. last night was the first night that we had a choice of 4 parties. haha, anyways so i decided to go since i haven't been out in a while, to this underground party at an apartment that was pretty sketchy, but a lot of the girls that i talked to said that yes it was a little sketchy but a lot of parties in new york are like this. meh, i didn't really care, i mean, its u of c, so it was cool once they got music going and more people got there, but then the cops broke it up really early!! i was kinda mad, cause i wanted to party some more but its cool, its probably good that i didn't get wasted. Mike walked back with me and then we went to sleep. it was a pretty good night, but now both of us are sick so i feel bad for him. haha, he came back from going out with the guys and he could barely talk. laryngitis at its finest. haha. its was pretty funny, he sounded like a really quiet old man. awww. :-) yeah so i think im starting to feel better, meaning my cold is going away, but i think mike's has just started to get to its worst :-( i hope he feels better. i wish i had a car sometimes so i could surprise him and bring him soup or hang out at his place and take care of him, but i don't have one. :-(
They are putting the lights up on michigan today and tonight they are displaying them, it will be so awesome looking, and the stores are open an hour later, its fun, lights are fun.

well i guess i should go and get to reading at the lib. i hope everyone is having a great saturday! i will talk to you later. miss you all from home and am looking forward to seeing you all over break.

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Its funny how some things change so quickly... [16 Nov 2004|05:49pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

well hello again,
It hasn't been that long but things have been going alot better for me so i thought i would update. This week is the end of my labs for the quarter which is exciting cause i will have a little more time on tuesdays and wednesdays from now on, yay.

only a week and a half until thanksgiving break, it will be nice to have a break and get caught up.

its funny how a week ago things were bad between mike (miguel) and i now things are better than ever. i don't really understand but im happy nonetheless so im not going to complain.
Last night we went to the new target on roosevelt. i guess it has been open for quite some time now but i didn't know until my suitemate told me that i she went this weekend, and that made me want to go! mike drove and we went to target, it was fun. Its soooo big! its 2 stories of target!! heaven! haha. we were going to get a couple things like a fan, some new sheets for my bed since i didn't get the "extra long" kind that is supposed to be for dorm size beds, and possibly a humidifier..ect. however, they didn't have the bed sheets, and fans were out of season, so the trip was kinda pointless but not really cause we were able to see it and explore the two floors, and use the little cart escalator (which was my favorite) haha. then we came back and mike had to write a paper so he was going to be up all night and i decided i would too for moral support and so he didn't fall asleep when writing it. it was fun though, we went to bartmart and got some drinks and then came back and started to write the paper, and i did some work with my lab report, and then took some small breaks, conversations in spanish, massages, laughed, listened to music, played guitar and sang, and then around 3:30 i got really tired, so i took a nap until 4:30 and then 5 and then finally i got up at 6:30 which was weird cause i was really wide awake. i did some more work and then went to get breakfast, and then fell asleep again for a little bit and then woke up and saw mike off to his class to turn in his paper, and i started to finish my lab report and finished studying for music. it was a really good night, but now im getting tired, and i have another lab report to do. im so glad that tomorrow is the last lab. yay!

aww and when i came back from my lab today he left me a note, awww, it was so nice. :-)

Alright so i guess im going to go and start on my homework and then i have a meeting at 6:40 or so, and then more work for the rest of the night and hopefully some good sleep. miss you all.

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[14 Nov 2004|03:07pm]
[ mood | relaxed ]

hey guys!
Well its the end of the weekend and i would say that it was a pretty good one on my part. Friday was kinda dull cause i had to do a lot of work so i could have fun on saturday, but it wasn't that bad. Friday i basically did work and then went to bed, kinda sad but its the truth, and because there were no parties going on or i probably would have gone out for a little bit, but maybe not cause my mom was coming early and i wanted to get to bed early.

I woke up saturday a little tired, but excited to see my mom. its so nice of her to come and visit me. yay. so i got up and got ready and then she came around 9:45 or so and i showed her my room and she gave me a couple things, like a couple letters that came in the mail, (like 3 checks from dyckman that i hadn't picked up yet!!!!) and some money that my dad sent cause he knew that we were going shopping today, yes! so we went to the bookstore to get a shirt for my sister and a new sticker for my moms car, and then we went downtown. it was fun, we went to alot of different stores and to the watertower place, and it was fun. i didn't really find that much that i actually bought which was a little disappointing, but i think it was because in the back of my mind i was thinking "if i don't spend this money on clothes, i can keep it and spend it on anything later" but yeah, i bought some new running shoes which is what i really wanted and thats good. i went to lunch with my mom and ate some tacos, yum, with corn tortilla shells, which are my favorite! and then miguel called and he said that he was coming out cause he had this coupon to give to me, even though i didn't use it :-( but you never know, its still until today, so maybe i will get an urge to go downtown. tonight, haha. and then katie called and said she was downtown too just across the street! so we met up and it was nice to see her and caitlin, and her mom, caitlin has lost a lot of weight!! she looks really good. and then miguel came and i met up with him and we saw my mom and it was fun. then katie and caitlin were leaving and so were we, so i went with miguel to the apple store to try to see if he could get a new battery for his computer, but wasn't able to. and then he dropped me off at the dorms, that was nice of him. then we did some work and then he left and went to his frat outing, haha, and i stayed in a did a little more work and then went and hung out with karan, jason, and janet.

Before miguel left he said he was going to come back and that we should rent that movie that we were going to on friday, "Ju-on" its the original of "the grudge" so karan and del and i went to walk to the blockbuster which is kinda far and scary at night so i brought 2 guys with me. oh yes. it was fun, and then we went to borders after we went to get the movie cause i had to go to the bathroom (haha, yeah big surprise) and then we walked back and went to walgreens and karan bought some more markers for whatever they do at night, taging i think. anyways. so we came back and hung out some more and then miguel called saying he was coming back soon so i then he came back and we hung out and watched the movie. i don't think i liked it that much. the grudge was okay and this was even worse a little so i don't know. but all the asian girls were pretty hot. haha. so then we went to sleep but not really cause we talked for a while last night and i really enjoyed that. it reminded me of old times when we would stay up late just talking about random things, it was fun. i liked it a lot. then we did finally go to sleep and had to wake up early cause miguel had to go home to watch his brother for most of the day
He went home and dropped me off at the redline so i could go to chinatown to get some chinese buns and some bubble tea! they were really good. and now im back and have been doing some work, and im excited that i am done with exams, now only a week and a half and then i can go home for a break! yay.
alright well i guess im going to go for now, i need to get some work done if i want to do anything tonight. ttyl. miss you

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[12 Nov 2004|11:24pm]
[ mood | okay ]

hey guys,
yeah so a lot has happened in the last two days but i really don't want to write about it until later when i know what is going on for sure. its been very confusing, weird, sad, happy, disappointing, frustrating, and loving. i don't know, but i will update about it later.

so katie came to see me the other day which was nice, it was good seeing her again even though she was only here for about an hour. hopefully i will see her this weekend some time.

My last midterm was today, which was sooo great. i feel relieved but now i need to start thinking about finals and doing well on those exams to make up for some not-so-good ones in the past. yeah so i think that will be good.
i think this is the turning point to get back on track with school and i am very determined to do well in my classes. i hope everything goes as i would like it to.

my mom is here!!! yay! i kinda wished that i were able to see her tonight but its okay cause i really did needed to get some work done, which i did, and im happy about. so tomorrow we are supposed to go shopping and hang out and eat lunch some place together and it will be fun! so she is coming early to campus and wants to buy some clothing at the bookstore and then we plan to go downtown, yes! hopefully i will see miguel sometime tomorrow, maybe downtown, maybe at campus, i miss him. hehe. alright well i guess im going to go. im going to maybe finish some work, but more likely i am going to go hang out. later guys, miss you

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[07 Nov 2004|12:22pm]
[ mood | loved ]

So yesterday was such a great day! I woke up, kinda early, and miguel dropped me off at the red line so i could take it downtown to get my hair cut again. haha, yes thats right, its even shorter now, and hopefully soon i will change my lj pic so you will be able to see it. then i came back and started to do some work, since i had the whole saturday i wanted to make sure i got a lot done so i wouldn't feel stressed on sunday or monday. so i worked for a while and then miguel IMed me and asked if i wanted to do anything tonight. i said i didn't care, like always, haha, and he came up with the suggestion of bring some dinner over and watching a movie, awwww, soooo sweet! haha. he let me pick the food, and i chose chinese (which means chinatown, which means, bubble tea!!) so he said that he had to do some work and he would come later tonight. yes! so he came around 9 and we ate some gooooood chinese food AND some goooood bubble tea, and he saw my hair, and then we watched the movie. it was a pretty good movie, and it was a lot of fun to watch it with him. i seriously have so much fun when im with him. it was such a perfect night, i woke up so happy. i am really glad that we are together, he's such a good boyfriend. thanks so much. i love you.

today im going to finish my work and clean a little, since i got a lot of work done this weekend i am happy to say that i don't have that much to do today, well i mean i do, i always have something that i could be doing, but in terms of things being due in the next couple of days, i would say that i am pretty much on top of things. yay!

I really dislike that it gets sooo dark sooo early. it seriously gets dark at 5 and there are still soo many hours of the day left. haha half of my day is in light and half in darkness. but the bad thing is that it makes me tired so seem like i don't have that much time left to do things. oh well, eventually that days will get longer again, until then...

my mom is coming to visit this weekend! it should be fun. hopefully we will go out to eat and go shopping and things. yay!

alright well i guess im going to go, have a great sunday and i hope everyone is doing well. miss you.

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[05 Nov 2004|10:50am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Hey guys, its finally friday!! yay!
Well this weekend is going to be good i think. I am going to try and get a lot of work done this weekend so i won't have as much to worry about during the week when i have classes and labs and a midterm to study for. i am going to be so happy after next week cause then i am finally done with midterms for a couple weeks, until finals that is. I am kinda worried cause katie is supposed to come visit on wednesday and she wants to go out but i know that i should study for my midterm. hopefully i will have enough time and not feel worried or stressed about it. also my mom is coming next weekend also, so hopefully some good shopping time with her, hehe.

Things with miguel and really great again. i am so glad.

i need to start working out again, well i did yesterday which was good, i just need to keep with it.

the OC was last night!! sooo good, i think this season is going to be really good. i love it how there is always a big turn out, even if some of the people are there to make fun of it, they are still there wasting an hour for themselves to watch it. i think they secretly like it. haha.

i don't really have any plans for this weekend, which is kinda fun, cause it means that things will happen spontaneously and will be fun.

umm i don't really know what else to talk about. the new grand theft auto game for PS2 came out and it got really good reviews. i really want to play it!

alright well i guess i should go, i have my last class of the day soon, and then its fun time! cause its FRIDAY!!

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[31 Oct 2004|07:16pm]
Hey guys,
Well this weekend has been great! Friday night was the fun party with everyone in west, and then last night i went to dinner and a movie with miguel and then came back and partied more with everyone. It was so much fun. but i am definitely feeling regret for not doing more work this weekend. I had a lot of studying to do for my bio midterm that is on wednesday, plus all my homework for my other classes. Anyways, so last night was a lot of fun. miguel decided that we should go out to eat also, and after planning which restaurant and what type of food, we ended up not going in cause we were sure of the place and there was no parking at all. by the time we were done circling the restaurant and looking for places to park time was going by very quickly and we didn't have that much time to eat AND go see a movie, so we decided that since we had already bought the tickets ahead of time that it would be better to just go to the movie first and maybe dinner later. we get to the movie and of course we are still hungry so we get some popcorn and a pretzel and some froven ICEE drinks flavor: cherry. yum! we saw the movie, and got some pretty good seats since we got there early, and it was okay. (haha i just realized i said we "saw" the movie, get it... saw....the name of the movie, hehe) the acting was reallllly bad, but the plot was alright. the mask that the guy wore was kinda scary as well, just cause it kinda replicated a clown and not that im afraid of clowns but i knew that if i looked at the face too much i would picture it my head a lot and maybe creep myself out, late at night when im in bed and the closet is kinda open. haha. anyways, so it was okay, kinda bad. then leah called me as we were getting out of the movie and wondered if i was still coming out cause it was the big night when everyone was going out dressed up for halloween. we didnt have enough time to go and come back so we just stopped by coming from downtown. It was really fun and the amount of Wallce people that were there was astonishing! i was so happy that a lot of first years were there. it was a lot of fun to know everyone and see them and laugh at them cause they were getting drunk and see them all dressed up. aww. wallace house. then the party wasn't that cool, so we decided to go to another one that was closer to our dorm so we went back and went to Psi U the other party. psi u was pretty cool, there were tons of people and a lot of dancing which is always fun. it was a lot of fun to see everyone there, and to dance, and just hang out, julie even danced a little!!!!!! haha. the night was pretty fun, and i had a lot of fun with miguel, im glad things are better now. yay! it seriously makes me so happy. so we came back around 3 and realized that it was really 2!! cause of the time change, yay! but we went up and went to sleep anyways. it was a great night.

today we woke up kinda late, and got some lunch and then i have been studying mostly all day. i really don't feel ready for this midterm that is coming up, i wish it was friday instead of wednesday, but i think it will be okay. hopefully the more i keep reading the more i will feel comfortable with the subject and be able to be ready on wednesday when i take the test.

halloween is such a fun holiday, if you can call it that. everyone is so happy running around in outrageously dressed outfits and laughing and having fun while eating candy while the background is filled with the colors orange and black. the moon is usually close to being full, and a crispness is in the air, its fall.

alright well i guess i should get back to work. sooo much work! ugh! alright ttyl, miss you.
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HALLOWEEN! [30 Oct 2004|02:57pm]
[ mood | good ]

last night was a lot of fun! it was like a reunion. everytime leah comes to visit, it seems like we all come back together for a night full of so much fun. i love it, its so much fun when we are all together having fun and reminiscing about last year and how much fun it was, and how much we miss each other cause we are more busy this year. aww it was a lot of fun. we started out chillin in julie's room and then roger and park went to get the alcohol, then they came back and we filled up with huge plastic box thing with lots of ice and put the alcohol in there. there were seriously like 15-20 people in julie's and sofias foyer. which is lot cause its reallly small! we moved a table in and we played "flip-cup" or "canoe" as some say. it was a lot of fun, there were three teams since there were so many people. we were all drinking fast, flipping, and cheering, haha. it was a lot of fun. then everyone went out for a smoke break and it was fun just to be outside in the courtyard chillin and laughing and talking about memories and such. last night was so fun, friends are so fun. a lot of people were up and some of the girls on my floor were showing my their halloween outfits, all excited. haha i love halloween for that. it puts people in a good mood, an excited mood for the big night when you dress up! haha. it will be fun to see everyone tonight. hehe. then everyone headed out for this apartment party which some people dressed up for. but it was getting late and i really didn't want to do a 15-20 minute walk out there when it was probably going to come to an end once we got there, and i was tired, so julie and i decided to stay back, and its weird that we did cause not even 5 minutes after they left miguel called and said he was in the dorm! good thing i stayed. anyways so he came in and he was a little tipsy from a party that his friend was putting on around home, so we went to find julie and talked to her for a while and then we went to bed. we woke up pretty early and i was kind glad cause i wanted to go downtown and be back early so i could get some reading done and not waste my whole day like i usually do. but i think i kinda am today anyways. but either way, i went downtown and then came back and decorated my door for halloween cause we are having a contest! hopefully we win!

Tonight miguel and i are going to see SAW!! yay, im excited, dominic said it was really, good. ohhhhh but then today when i was reading the paper they had the movie section and critics only gave it one star out of 4 or 5 :-( i don't know, im kinda sceptical now, but i guess i will be the judge tonight. we are going out to eat before also!! yay, im excited to go out with miguel!! i hope it will be lot of fun. alright well i guess i really should get some work done now. have a great day everyone! ttyl

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THANKS YOU ALL!! [28 Oct 2004|07:11pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

Wow, i have such great friends!! thank you sooo much you guys are the best!! i got two phone calls and 3 comments!! it was seriously like 10 minutes after i posted! you guys are soooo awesome, i have such great friends thank you sooo much. it really made me feel a lot better. Alright well nothing has really happened since i posted last but i will keep you fully updated as time goes by. We haven't really talked yet but i will say that things are kinda back to normal. i will probably ask him about it later, i think communication is the way to go also. thanks again, i love you all so much! you rock!

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[27 Oct 2004|06:42pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

phhhew! I can finally take a break from a week of not fun homework, labs, class, and school. This week has been so crazy, and i can definitely make the decision now to say that this year is definitely harder than last year. I don't know if its all the labs and homework assignments that are due, or all the studying for midterms, and memorization for music, but its definitely taking a toll on me, and i can say that u of c is a study school. Man, its been non-stop ever since the end of 3rd week and we are now into 5th week. I don't think its going to let up until 7th week either. sighhh. but i am doing okay, i haven't killed myself yet and today i can finally take a minute to catch my breath. (only a minute) This friday i have another midterm, next wednesday i have another midterm and then the following friday i have another midterm as well as lab reports, homework problem sets, quizzes, and papers. sick!

This week has been really stressful and also quite emotional, i think the main cause was all the stress, but anyone that i came to for guidance and help, or anyone that i seemed kinda emotional towards, or different, i am sorry, and thank you for putting up with me. i really hate when im like that but i can't really help it, sleep deprivation, and anxiety can do it to a person. Well thanks anyways, and im sorry once again (actually i would like to say that i am personally sorry to miguel, this week has been really weird for me, and lots of things have gone through my mind and i just needed to be reassure and i definitely think i am now, and i have nothing to worry about, and im sorry for being weird and not myself happy self, and i just want you to know that i love you a lot.)

So i am back on a diet and things are working out pretty well so far. I have been exercising everyday and been eating well. I think it will work, but i just have to keep going and not give in.

This weekend i really want to see the movie SAW it comes out on friday and hopefully miguel and i will go. There were reports from critics that said it was comparable to Seven, and Silence of the Lambs!! yay! i hope it really is that good. I can't wait!

Alright well i guess i should go, i need to get some work done, i will talk to you later. have a great day! Its "hump" day!

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[24 Oct 2004|04:54pm]
[ mood | blah ]

Hey guys!
Well the weekend is almost over and i had a lot of fun, i went home this weekend!! yeah so friday after classes was gret. I was really happy that is was friday and that i was done finally. For a little while at least. and then miguel and i took a long nap cause we didn't get much sleep the night before from studying. we slept from about 1:30-4:30! it was crazy long, but it was good cause i was really tired and so was he. The we got up and i continued to do some work, and he went home, and then i took a shower and got ready cause we were going to see "The Grudge" He picks me up late, cause there was an accident on garfield and traffic was slow (or so he says, ;-) hehe) and then we drive and get there right in time. We didn't miss any of the movie which was great! The movie was alright, i am pretty picky about scary movies cause i have seen so many and i don't get scared that often. People coming out of bed, and walls, is not that realistic so i wouldn't say it was that scary, but it was pretty good in all. i enojoyed watching it, and i wouldn't consider it "bad" so hmm i don't know. I am excited to see "Saw" that is coming out next weekend and then compare, cause i heard that was a pretty good movie as well. We then went to get something to eat after the movie and then went to sleep. i had to wake up early the next day to go to the train station cause i was going home. Being the great boyfriend that he is, miguel drove me to the train station at 7am!! aww thanks!

Going home was fun. My parents and jordan and i ate lunch together and then my mom and i went to GR to go shopping! it was fun, and i got a couple things, like some sweaters and some new shoes. It was fun, and then we went to meijer to get some things for the dorm like waters and granola bars that i had run out of already. hehe it was fun. Then we finally came home and i got to see my sister and my dog and the house and my room. it was nice. Some of the furniture was rearranged and our other living room is now turned into a movie room with this huge screen, its really awesome.

Then i went out again, i went to eat at Qdoba and i went to see katie and merry. Katie was at her house, so it was cool to see everyone there again and to just chill and see katie. They were going to go out since it was saturday night and so as they were leaving i decided to leave also and go see merry who was having some people over at her house as well. At merry's it was a lot of fun too, i would have liked to stay longer but i knew that i should go home and do some reading and go to bed kinda early cause i had to wake up early again the next day. So i saw everyone and then had to say good bye to everyone :-( but hopefully i will see them again soon. i really like all my friends, i wish we could hang out more. it was really good seeing everyone again. So then i came home and started reading and then i called miguel, just like old times when i would call him at night over the summer. we talked and it was fun and then we went to sleep. I was pretty tired and i almost didn't wake up for church cause the alarm didn't go off. But fortunately i did and went and it was fun. Then we came home and packed again and then drove to st joe where we stopped to eat at this mexican restaurant. it was okay, the chips and salsa were really good. haha. then to chi-town we went. We unloaded everything in my room said our goodbyes and here i am now. in my room, alone, waiting for a special someone to come see me, and thinking about all the work i need to do tonight. sigh. alright well enough of this i guess. i should really start doing something. i will talk to you all later. have a great day/night. it was really good seeing you all again, miss you!!

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[21 Oct 2004|05:10pm]
This quote was on the bottom of a forwarded email from the organization COUP. I thought it seemed appropriate for some. I like it.

"Maybe Some Women Aren't Meant To Be Tamed, Maybe Some Women Are Meant To Run Free Until They Find Someone Just As Wild, To Run With"
Carrie Bradshaw - Sex And The City
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