December 17th, 2004

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hey everyone! well im on vacation in the bahamas and its fun! its pretty warm, well actually the weather here hasn't been that good but whose complaining with temperatures in the high 80s. yeah its definitely nice here, but its been cloudy :-( don't expect any big tan. hehe. its so weird to think that its about 8 days or so until christmas! when you're here it doesn't feel like christmas at all, it feels like spring. haha.

i hear that its going to get really cold at home soon, brrrr.

things are good im enjoying my stay but i miss everyone at home, i wish i could take you all here with me! haha that would be so much fun! i kind of am excited to come home, its going to be my birthday and miguel is going to take me out dinner! yes! hehe its going to be fun! i don't know where we are going to go, its a surprise but im excited!! hehe.

Alright well i guess i should go, i will talk to you all later, love you and miss you.
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