December 13th, 2004

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heyyyy yoooo,

So i got a new phone!! its soo awesome, and cute, and small! It's from cingular and i after much contemplation i am really glad that i went with cingular. I know it will get great service in chicago but the real test is here in paw paw/gobles/kalamazoo, and surprisingly it gets great service here too!! i am really glad!

Miguel came over for part of the weekend, it was really nice. we got qdoba which was seriously awesome! it was soo good, man those nachos are to die for! haha, we rented some movies, ohh and we went to see Blade:trinity, it was good. I really liked spending time with him here at my house with my family around, we helped put up the christmas tree, (which was fake this year, i was really disappointed.) watched movies, went to target, went to church, hung out, had pancakes, slept, talked, cleaned of his car piled with snow! haha it was fun. we always have a lot of fun together.
Last night he was supposed to go home but the weather was soo bad that he turned around and stayed another night, i was kinda worried cause i thought it was just going to be worse in the morning and then he would be snowed in (i guess its not a bad thing) but he had work the next morning. but things always work out for the best and this morning, although extremely snowy, was a lot better then the night before.

Also today my family and i, excluding my dad, went to get these pictures taken, my mom is on this new thing about getting family pictures now, its kinda annoying but whatever, im sure i will appreciate it later when i can look back and see us.

I went to the mall and got a couple more christmas gifts for people, i really don't want to wait until the last minute, and since i am going away for almost a week i won't have that much time when i get back before its christmas. hopefully i can finish it by tomorrow.

which then leads me to say that i am going away for vacation!! a nice warm topical place! i can't wait! it will be so nice to be lying in the sun and getting tan in the winter! i think it will definitely lift my spirits that sometimes lack when its dark and snowy out all the time. and when i come back... its my birthday!!! yay!!

Its kinda scary to think im turning 20, wow im definitely getting old. but its going to be my golden birthday! i will 20 on the 20th! haha. it will be fun, birthdays are fun.

Alright so i guess i should go. i will talk to you later! byeee
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