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strange things have been happening... but they're good!

In the past two weeks i have been very lucky and i don't really think it is coincidental because they both happened around the same time and they both were kind of same in the sense that they were both in favor for me.

The other week i missed my physics discussion because it was a really hard week and it just totally skipped my mind what day it was and such, anyways, at discussion we have to take these 10 minute quizzes and they are basically given just so more people will attened these discussions because they are not mandatory. So we take these quizzes and they are a measly 5% of our grade but either way I wouldn't not take it unless it was an emergency or in this case i just forgot. So i was really mad at myself all week because i totally forgot and i would get a zero on the quiz and there is no way to make it up. To make a long story short when i went to discussion this week on the heading of the quiz it stated "quiz 2" which would imply there was no quiz last week (the week i missed) I asked someone next to me if there was a quiz last week and they said no! I was really surprised and happy because it came to be that i didn't miss a quiz after all and i was really happy!

Instance 2:

I kind of slept in from my 8.30 class, not all the way but it was 8,30 when i woke up and by the time i got dressed and got over there i would have missed just about all of the class, and i was reallllllly tired because it was my hell week and i had like 4 midterms in 3 days anyways i was up for almost 72 hours with only 6 hours of sleep, anyways i guess i didn't set my alarm correctly and fortunately i did get up early but i was late and i had to go to class because we always have homework due that day. Well i considered it and then i thought whatever, i can turn it in late just as long as its not too late, a couple hours is okay i just need to email the teacher. So i emailed at 9.30 when the class was over and they said yeah just get it to me as soon as you can, but i had 2 other classes and by the time i was done it was 1:30 and i thought that was too late so i didn't even bother turning it in because i felt bad turning it in so late. (homework is 10% of my grade which again isn't THAT much ) So i just skipped it and thought it wouldn't be that bad granted we are given homework every week. So i keep checking the website so i could start on the homework due this week early to make sure i get it done and the website was never updated and its close to the due date. So i was about to email my prof to ask her to post the homework assignment when i was looking at the homework page and on top it said homework due nov. 2nd which is THIS WEEK coming up so i DIDN'T forget any homework and thus i DIDN'T get a zero on my homework!! i was seriously soo happy!!

This is two instances when the outcome has been great for me. Wow, someone really does love me.
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